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Industrial Shelving

Industrial shelving is available in multiple sizes, colors, and materials for storing your tools, parts, supplies, and other equipment.

  • Extra Deep Pigeon Hole Racks

    Extra Deep Pigeon Hole Racks

    Extra deep pigeon hole racks are ideal for horizontally storing long or rounded materials that are difficult to store on regular shelving, including pipes, bottles, bar stock, tubing PVC, wood trim, lumber, and others.
  • High Capacity Racks

    High Capacity Shelving

    These heavy-duty high capacity racks can support from 1,900 to 2,300 lbs. per shelf for industrial applications like machine shops, warehouses, stockrooms, automotive distributors, and more.
  • Metal Bin Shelving

    Metal Bin Shelving

    Metal bin shelving stores and organizes your inventory for
    quick and easy access to small and medium-sized parts such as cables, hardware,
    electronic components, parts, and more. Adjustable bin dividers provide 16, 21,
    22, 29, 36, 43, or 78 storage compartments depending on shelving dimensions so
    you can customize your storage to your needs.

  • Multi-Color Industrial Shelving

    Multi-Color Industrial Shelving

    Multi-color closed and open industrial storage shelving is available in a wide variety of colors to integrate with your existing storage.
  • Quick Ship Shelving Made in the USA (Gray)

    Gray Metal Shelving

    When you need a quick and durable solution, these steel shelving units ship in 4-5 business days and are available in medium, heavy, or extra heavy-duty loading capacities. The shelf levels clip to posts and are adjustable in 1 ½” increments.
  • Shelving with Plastic Bins

    Shelving with Plastic Bins

    Shelving with plastic bins include grooves that allow users to hang and tilt the bins from the shelf above to make stored items easier to view and access. These economic shelving units and bins store and organize small parts and supplies for a variety of applications.
  • Slant Bin Shelving

    Slant Bin Shelving

    Slant bin shelving is sloped to keep stored parts in the front of the bin for high visibility and quick, easy picking. The sloped bin shelves are ideal for storing small inventory and supplies in medical, electronic, and industrial picking applications.
  • Small Parts Bin Shelving

    Small Parts Bin Shelving

    Small parts shelving with removable clear bins tilt out to 45 degrees, making stored items easy to access and identify. Clear bins are perfect for storing small parts such as washers, hardware, nuts and bolts, components, fuses, and others.
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