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Art Storage Racks

We have several types of framed art storage shelving, racks, and panels designed to organize, save space, and display your artwork.

  • Art Display Wall Panels

    Art Display Wall Panels

    Wall-mounted art panels store framed and hanging artwork safely with wire mesh panels and mounting brackets. The art panels provide proper storage while allowing users to view paintings.

  • Art Flat File Drawer Cabinets

    Works On Paper Flat Drawer Cabinets

  • Art Storage Shelving

    Art Storage Shelving

    Framed art storage racks and shelving protect, organize, and store all types of framed and unframed artwork and paintings. Keep paintings off the floor and protect them from light, pests, and other factors that cause deterioration.

  • Works on Paper Shelving

    Works on Paper Shelving

    This adjustable steel shelving is designed for storing works on paper for museums, archival facilities, and other businesses. They are often used as storage for Hollinger boxes, Solander cases, maps, boards, posters, drawings, and other flat works. The shelves are completely non-gassing to ensure protection of valuable collections.

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