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Industrial Products and Solutions

Industrial steel storage shelving and shelves, heavy duty pallet racks, metal wide span bulk racking, adjustable workbenches, and locking modular drawer cabinets for storing inventory, automotive parts, cartons, boxes and other material handling storage.
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  • Automotive Racks

    Automotive and Battery Storage Systems

    Specialized automotive storage systems and hanging racks provide efficient storage for floor mats, hanging parts, tires, windshields, and other specialized automotive items.

  • Bulk Racks

    Bulk Racks

    Steel bulk racks are heavy-duty and durable solutions for storing large and oversize parts and boxes. Decking options are available in steel, wire, or with no decking for use with wood panels.

  • Bulk Storage Bins

    Bulk Storage Bins

    Heavy-duty bulk storage bins collapse and stack when not in use and are designed to reduce manual handling of large and bulky materials with a high-density polyethylene construction that is durable enough to use in all types of industrial environments.

  • Computer Cabinets

    Dust Free Computer Enclosures

    Wall mounted computer cabinets keep computers dust-free in industrial work environments.

  • Fans & Turbines

    Fans & Turbines

    Hot, unventilated, and stale air can cause numerous problems in your facility, from productivity decline to equipment failure and serious worker injury. Fans are a great way to reduce energy costs and keep your workers and equipment safe.
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  • Flow Racks

    Flow Racks

    Gravity flow racks are slanted to promote FIFO (first-in, first-out) product rotation by keeping cartons, totes, and other materials at the front of the unit for easy picking, making them ideal for production lines and pick zones.

  • Folding Security Gates

    Folding Security Gates

    Portable folding security gates are a quick solution for crowd control and restricting access to hallways or other areas in schools, malls, offices, theaters, libraries, recreation centers, factories, museums, and more. Gates fold and unfold easily, allowing compact storage when not in use.
    folding security gates

  • Guard Rails

    Guard Rails

    Industrial guardrails and forklift safety barriers provide protection for employees, machinery, and other equipment and pedestrians from falls or accidents. Guardrails are powder coat painted OSHA safety yellow and available in single and double-rails. Components bolt together and are easy to install, move, or add to in the future.
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  • Industrial Shelving

    Industrial Shelving

    Industrial shelving is available in multiple sizes, colors, and materials for storing your tools, parts, supplies, and other equipment.

  • Mobile Cabinets

    Mobile Cabinets

    Storemorestore carries a wide range of Steel Mobile Drawer Cabinets to include Heavy Duty which can hold up to 400 Lbs in each drawer, to Light duty cabinets which are great to store parts, tools, and equipment in lockable shelves below the cabinet.
  • Modular Cabinets

    Rousseau Heavy-Duty Modular Cabinets
  • Pedestal Cabinets

    Pedestal Cabinets

    Pedestal bench cabinets are designed for storing tools and small parts in industrial workbenches. Configurable drawers with partitions and dividers help organize your storage in a small footprint.
  • Pipe & Bar Stock Racks

    Pipe & Bar Stock Racks

    Horizontal and vertical pipe and bar stock racks are ideal for storing long materials like strut, bar stock, trim lumber, threaded rods, and more safely in a compact footprint.

  • Plastic Bins

    FrameWRX Bins for Frame Works Shelving
  • Safety Cabinets

    Safety Cabinets

    Store hazardous materials such as chemicals, paints, and corrosive or flammable substances in OSHA-approved safety cabinets. These double-wall durable cabinets are FM approved and meet all NFPA and OSHA safety standards.

  • Shelving with Drawers

    Shelving with Drawers

    Modular shelving with adjustable drawers combine storage for small, medium, and large parts in one unit so you can organize your space in a smaller footprint. Ideal for storing tools, supplies, and other equipment efficiently.
  • Stretch Wrap Machine

    Industrial Stretch Wrap Machines

    Stretch wrap machines are a semi-automatic alternative to manual pallet hand-wrapping to save time and protect products during shipment. The stretch wrap machines are designed to provide high-volume and high-speed wrapping that is durable and consistent.

  • Wire Spool Racks

    Wire Spool Racks

    Wire spool racks make storage and retrieval of wire, cable, hose, tubing, chains, and rope easy and efficient. Adjustable axles allow storage for multiple types of spools on the same rack to save space and prevents the need for workers to lift heavy spools or reels to retrieve products.
  • Work Benches


    Adjustable height workbenches and workstations are available in many configurations and with multiple accessories such as CPU support to provide ergonomic working areas.