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3 Drawer Value Hospital Cart with Plastic top and Panel, Solid Beige(30" Wide x 18.5" Deep x 36" High), #SMS-50-MVP-324P-B
3 Drawer Value Hospital Cart Comes in Solid Beige
Steel hospital cart with key lock in a solid beige finish
Steel hospital cart with key lock in a solid beige finish

3 Drawer Steel Hospital Cart

These economical medical drawer carts are an affordable solution for hospital rooms and other general healthcare applications. The steel carts include a plastic top, 2" casters (2 swivel and 2 fixed) and a key lock that secures the top drawer only.

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List Price: $2,325.54
You save $574.54!
Dimensions: 30" Wide x 18.5" Deep x 36" High
Opening: 3 Drawers with 1 @ 3"; 2 @ 6"
Type: Procedure/Medication Cart
Other: Steel Cart with Locking Top Drawer

Availability: Ships in 15-20 business days
Ship time subject to change without notice
Product Code: SMS-50-MVP-324P-B


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3 Drawer Value Hospital Cart with Plastic top and Panel, Solid Beige(30" Wide x 18.5" Deep x 36" High), #SMS-50-MVP-324P-B

Healthcare professionals can use these portable locking drawer carts with confidence for years to come. There are a wide range of medical carts available to meet your specific requirements and budget, including:

  • Isolation Carts
  • ER Carts
  • ACLS Carts (Advanced Care Life Savings)
  • Crash Carts
  • Pediatric Carts
  • Anesthesia Carts
  • Suture Carts
  • Medication Carts
  • Critical Care Carts
  • Procedure Carts
  • General Hospital Carts
  • Medical Supply Carts
  • Trauma Carts
  • Defibrillator Carts
  • Malignant Hypothermic Carts

Our line of mobile drawer cabinets are perfect for accessing medications and critical instruments quickly and accurately. Carts are available in 14 colors for easy and quick identification of cart types.

Inside Dimensions

Overall Cart DimensionsInterior Drawer Dimensions
18.5" Wide x 18" Deep15" Wide x 16.75" Deep
24.5" Wide x 13.25" Deep20" Wide x 10.5" Deep
24.5" Wide x 24.75" Deep15" Wide x 16.75" Deep
30" Wide x 18.5" Deep25.5" Wide x 15.5" Deep
32" Wide x 25" Deep22.5" Wide x 16.5" Deep
40.5" Wide x 25" Deep29" Wide x 16.5" Deep

Drawer Heights

Inside Drawer Heights
3" high drawer is 2.625" clear
6" high drawer is 5.625" clear
9" high drawer is 8.625" clear
12" high drawer is 11.625" clear

Cart Features

Features of the carts depend on the model. What your cart includes is specified in the description above the pricing.

  • Colors - 17 powder coat colors available in two-tone or solid finish to allow you to color code carts for specific purposes and make identification easy and quick.
  • Double Wall Construction - All aluminum and most of the steel carts have double-wall construction for long-lasting use, durability, and strength.
  • Plastic Top - Extra thick top has a 1/2" inch ridge to keep things from falling off when moving your cart. Tops are latex-free where indicated.
  • Twin Poly Push Handles - Handles make carts easier to push and steer. Available only on specified carts.
  • Full Extension Ball Bearing Drawer Slides - Full extension drawers allow you to see all the items in the drawer.
  • Casters - Ranging from 2" economy to 5" premium quality casters as specified per cart model.
  • Outrigger Stabilizing Base Frame - anti-tip stabilization and bumpers for cart protection on specified carts.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Standard and Optional Locks

Drawer locks vary depending on the cart model. Locks are specified in the description above the pricing and/or in the options at checkout.

Breakaway - A hinged bracket with an eye hole for a plastic or metal seal quickly identifies that the cart has not been tampered. This is used mostly for crash carts where having access quickly to equipment and supplies is essential. These locks are available as an individual or gang lock depending on the cart.

Key Locks - Key locks located at the top center of the will lock all of the drawers or the top drawer depending on the model.

Push-Button Locks - (Available on specified carts) Easy and convenient mechanical push-button locking with key lock override. Simply enter combination and turn the knob one quarter to unlock the drawers. Does not require any batteries.

Electronic Locking - E-Z Open electronic auto lock with key override features:

  • 499 User Codes
  • Battery operated, 4 D Cell included
  • Dual code programming capabilities
  • Tamper indicator
  • Low battery indicator
  • Auto lock, 1 sec. - 999 min.
  • Key override
Proximity Reader -The proximity reader with swipe card and optional software allows for an audit trail which will keep track of up to 1000 events, showing time of day, personnel, and security level of the user. You can even schedule who and at what times someone can open the cart. The system includes 2 proximity cards and a proximity card reader with key override:
  • 500 User Codes
  • Auto Lock, 1-999 minutes
  • Battery Operated, no recharging needed
  • Dual Code Programming Capability
  • Tamper Indicator
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Key Override