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Box Shelving Products

Stationary box storage shelving is available in single-entry wall units and double-entry freestanding units. The shelving is designed to maximize the storage of letter/legal file boxes.
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Shelving for Boxes Helps Organize Your Business

The legal and letter file box is one of the most common and versatile storage containers available and is widely used across office, industrial, warehouse, and retail applications. As these boxes accumulate, the need for a box shelving solution arises. That's where StoreMoreStore comes in. Law firms with extensive legal records to manage rely on our legal file box storage racks, while industrial supply companies move units with our mobile box storage carts.
Our box storage solutions can boost worker productivity and reduce time-wasting bottlenecks across a variety of industries.

Why Use Box Shelving?

Storage shelves for boxes efficiently and economically store boxes of various dimensions. Box shelving's numerous benefits include the following:

Flexible Space Allocation

Well-placed box storage allows your employees to know exactly where everything is, improving productivity and eliminating clutter. Storage box racks can be fixed for long-term storage in a given area or mobile for easy transportation of boxes around your facility. Mobile box storage carts are designed to quickly move archival records, file boxes, and other heavy items. They are particularly useful for businesses with large physical plants to traverse, such as automotive parts companies and solar panel manufacturers.
A popular item for many businesses is single-stack file box storage racks. These racks store and organize letter and legal-size boxes, and add-on racks attach to starter units to allow easy extension as your storage needs grow. Businesses that need to maximize compact spaces may prefer double-stack file box storage shelves. These allow the maximum amount of letter/legal boxes to be stored in the least amount of space, freeing up valuable floor area.

Easy Long-Term Storage

As your business grows, you're likely to store files from previous customers and projects, and these archives should be well-organized and accessible. Archive shelving for box files is ideal for this use case. An example product in this category is 24-inch archival box storage shelving. By using this product or others like it, you're able to keep important records close at hand, helping you comply with regulations.

Reliable Security

Businesses that store valuable inventory, tools, and files are often concerned about the security of these items. A recommended solution is a loss prevention storage cage. These bulk storage lockers secure your valuables against theft or misplacement and can be relied on year after year.

Why Buy Shelving for Boxes From StoreMoreStore?

Since 2012, StoreMoreStore has supplied box shelving to companies in a variety of industries, from professional services offices to complex manufacturers. At StoreMoreStore, we believe well-organized storage is a driver of business efficiency. We've solved numerous storage challenges with our deep inventory of storage products and years of technical experience, so we're confident that our storage shelves for boxes will meet the needs of your business. Our expertise is available to you by phone at (855) 786-7667 or by email during regular business hours.