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Casework Kits

Modular casework is a reusable and eco-friendly alternative to built-in casework that can be relocated and reconfigured as your needs change. With completely modular components, the casework can be designed to your exact specifications and shipped to you ready to be installed.
  • Breakroom Casework

    Breakroom Casework Kits

    Casework kits are a great option for lunchrooms, break rooms, and lounges for functionality and re-usability.

    Architectural Revit Models

  • Closed Wall Cabinets

    Closed Wall Cabinets

    Closed wall cabinet kits have an environmentally friendly construction and include a base and upper cabinet with doors for secure storage of supplies. Watch Video

  • Exam Room Casework

    Exam Room Casework Kits

    Exam room modular casework are sent to you fully assembled and can be reconfigured or relocated at any time. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing).

    Architectural Revit Models

  • Island Casework

    Island Casework

    Island casework workstations include open base cabinets and a large work surface area for storing and organizing supplies in offices, mailrooms, copy/fax centers, and more.

  • Lab Furniture

    Lab Casework Furniture

    We have a wide variety of lab casework furniture including cabinets, benches, countertops, workstations, shelving, and more. You can purchase one of our pre-made kits that are ready to use, or contact us and we can work with you to design a customized solution. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing).
    Architectural Revit Models

  • Mailroom Casework

    Mailroom Casework

    Modular mailroom casework furniture is available in numerous sizes and configurations for sorting mail and literature. Choose from one of our pre-made kits that are ready to set in place or contact us so we can design a casework solution that fits to your exact needs.
    Architectural Revit Models

  • Mobile Workcenters

    Mobile Workcenters

    Mobile workcenters combine style, workspace flexibility, and storage with a clean design that easily integrates into your existing d+?or. Configurations can have clover, oval, round or square tops which add a personalized touch to any collaborative classroom, office, or library space. Quick Product Finder

  • Open Wall Cabinets

    Open Wall Cabinets

    Open wall cabinets include base and upper storage sections with a sustainable design for storing supplies with easy access. Watch Video

  • Pharmacy Casework

    Pharmacy Casework Kits

    Pharmacy casework, medication dispensing cabinets, and pharmacy storage shelving is pre-configured and shipped to you ready to install. Modular components allow you to reconfigure or reuse the casework at any time and requires no modifications or construction to your building. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing).

    Architectural Revit Models

  • Security Desk Furniture

    Security Desk Furniture

    Security is essential in any business. One way to ensure a safe and welcoming environment is to invest in quality security desk furniture. A reception desk is often the first point of contact between a business and its customers, so choosing a model that projects confidence and professionalism is essential. Security desk furniture should be durable and sturdy, with plenty of surface area to accommodate a computer, accessories, phone, and other office supplies.

This 1:08 minute video shows the versatility of modular casework cabinets as alternatives to built-in millwork. See more modular casework cabinet videos

Modular Casework & Cabinet Solutions Grow With Your Business

When everything in your office has a designated storage area, it becomes easier for your staff to find what they need, boosting productivity and ultimately saving you money. Casework and cabinets can provide a convenient way to organize any workspace, from medical offices and labs to retail stores and more.

The Benefits of Casework Solutions

A casework system gives you the flexibility to create a customizable setup that meets your specific needs. It keeps inventory out of sight while ensuring essential items are within easy reach for maximum efficiency and functionality.

Time-Saving, Eco-Friendly Storage

New technologies, personnel, and strategies appear every year, and your business must constantly evolve to keep up. Modular casework can grow with your company as its needs shift. Unlike traditional millwork casework and built-ins, you can reconfigure modular casework if you need to relocate or rearrange, making it an excellent option for businesses concerned with their environmental footprint. It's also a financially smart option, eliminating the need to repurchase new materials every time you adjust your organization system.

Customizable Casework For Any Setting

Another benefit of casework is that it is completely customizable. For example, adding casework cabinets like closed wall cabinets creates a private, secure office storage area in any workspace. You can pick from one of our pre-made kits or create a unique arrangement of your own, including lab furniture like individual desks and cabinets.

You might also choose add-ons to further personalize your storage solution. Lab casework and medical casework might benefit from sinks and faucets. Soft close drawers and locks are excellent upgrades for commercial casework. You can choose from several cabinet and countertop finishes to ensure your new cabinetry blends seamlessly into your existing space.

Why Buy Casework From StoreMoreStore?

Since 2012, StoreMoreStore has been a leading provider of storage solutions across numerous industries. StoreMoreStore's high-quality casework can be customized to your exact specifications and arrives ready to install.

Our customer service experts can help you discover solutions that save you time and money, from exam room casework to breakroom casework and everything in between. Get in touch by calling us at (855) 786-7667 or send us an email.