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Dollies & Carts

Dolly carts provide easy transportation of heavy materials more safely and in less time. Their durable construction makes the carts great for transporting heavy boxes and bulky materials in shipping and receiving docks, warehouses, manufacturing plants, automotive facilities, and more.

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Steel Deck Flat-Bed Cart Pneumatic Wheels Locks Industrial Platform Dolly Steel Deck Flat-Bed Cart (4'W x 2' 6"D), #SMS-87A-HNBB-3048-9P-FL
List Price: $787.34
Our Price: $596.47
You save $190.87!
Utility Wagon Truck Platform Cart Industrial Steel Industrial Warehouse Utility Wagon Truck (4'W x 2'D), #SMS-87A-HCH-2448-12P
List Price: $875.86
Our Price: $663.53
You save $212.33!
Industrial Cart with Tow Bar Ring Handle Utility Truck Material Handling Industrial Cart with Tow Bar (5'W x 3'D), #SMS-87A-HCD-3660-16PFD-CR
List Price: $1,867.02
Our Price: $1,414.41
You save $452.61!
Open Bed Industrial Cart Material Handling Wagon Pull Handle Truck Little Giant Open Bed Industrial Cart (4'W x 2' 6"D), #SMS-87A-HCH-3048-16P
List Price: $1,174.02
Our Price: $889.41
You save $284.61!
Steel Deck Pull Wagons Material Handling Manual Utility Carts Little Giant Steel Deck Pull Wagons (3'W x 2'D), #SMS-87A-HLW-2436-10
List Price: $463.55
Our Price: $351.18
You save $112.37!
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Prevent Workplace Injuries With a Dolly Cart

Manually carrying a heavy load of inventory is not very efficient and can lead to strained backs. Instead, equip your team with dollies and carts to make transporting items around your warehouse or workplace a breeze. StoreMoreStore's selection of dolly carts can help you save time and keep your team safer.

What Are The Benefits of a Dolly Cart?

A dolly cart, also called a platform truck, is a fantastic solution for any industry that requires the transport of heavy items. We count among our clients' warehouses, package centers, medical facilities, retail, and many other industries. A material cart enables your team to work smarter, not harder to prevent injuries and transport inventory speedily.

Boost Efficiency With a Platform Cart

In any workplace, every second counts. A platform cart enables you to carry more items in less time, increasing workplace efficiency. Instead of making multiple trips back and forth for inventory, employees can load up the cart and transport it to its destination all in one convenient trip. A platform cart with braking casters features a flatbed for inventory and a removable crossbar push handle for easy movement.

Reduce Injuries With a Warehouse Cart

An injured employee can cost your workplace significantly. An adjustable deck allows for better ergonomics so that your employees don't experience back strain. Plus, less lifting equals less chance of dropped items and injured teammates. Prevent injuries and keep your team safe with carts like our adjustable height industrial dolly mobile table.

Transport Bulky, Heavy Items with a Flat Dolly Cart

Do you have lots of bulky, difficult-to-carry items in your warehouse? A flat dolly cart like our bulk platform truck allows your employees to transport these items with ease. The flat top of these carts is plenty spacious for bulky and heavy inventory. With a 12-gauge reinforced steel deck, these units can carry a load capacity of 3,600 pounds.

Why Buy a Dolly Cart From StoreMoreStore?

We believe that every business should be equipped with the tools necessary to do their work effectively. To learn more about how a platform hand truck or any of our carts can boost efficiency in your workplace, give us a call at (855) 786-7667 or send us an email. Our in-house StoreMoreStore experts will help you find the right solution for your needs.