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Firearm Storage Cabinets

We have several solutions to secure your firearms including wall mounted pistol lock boxes, long arm lockers, and locking weapon cabinets that mount in the trunks of vehicles. Call us toll free at 1-855-786-7667 or send us a message for more help.

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Gun Lockers and Storage Cabinets | SMS
Proper weapons storage is a necessity for numerous agencies and departments. Law enforcement, the military, and even courthouses and government buildings need places to store and secure their firearms when not in use. StoreMoreStore's firearm storage and gun lockers for law enforcement can help, with multiple mounting options including freestanding, vehicle, and wall-mounted gun lockers.
What type of gun storage cabinet you use will depend on your existing storage space and your agency's unique storage needs.
Freestanding Lockers
Since freestanding lockers can be placed nearly anywhere, they maximize gun storage space. Various lock options are available, like padlock hasps, key locks, and digital locks. For example, the Long Arm Gun Storage Locker features 10 individually-locking compartments and a keyed master front door panel for access.
Vehicle-Mounted Lockers
Police officers, government agents, and even hunters need to bring their weapons to their jobs. Vehicle weapon lockers can be installed into a trunk or cargo area for convenient and mobile gun storage while on-the-go.
Our truck gun storage solutions are specially designed to fit into a specific vehicle. The Ford PIU SUV Gun Locker is custom-built for the Ford PIU model and features a quick deployment system to make the firearm readily accessible.
Wall-Mounted Lockers
Wall-mounted gun lockers can be installed directly onto the wall or flush-mounted into the wall for a seamless profile and easy access. The Digital Pistol & Handgun Locker is a discreet and secure weapon storage locker that can be attached to a wall, mounted to furniture, or stacked on top of other locker units. This military gun locker can be placed outside of gun-free areas for quick and safe small arms storage.
Why Buy Gun Lockers From StoreMoreStore?
Since 2012, StoreMoreStore has been a leading provider of storage solutions, helping customers across numerous industries and vertices find high-quality gun lockers, storage cabinets, and more. Our customer service experts can help you find solutions for improved safety and organization. Get in touch by calling us at (855) 786-7667 or send us an email.