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Fireproof Cabinets

Fireproof filing cabinets protect your important files from fire and disaster.
  • Depository Safes

    Cashier Deposit Safe to Secure Money and Valuable Items

    Depository safes provide a secure drop box for money and other valuable items. Cashiers and other personnel can deposit items into the safe immediately, without the need to hold keys to the safe. These depository safes are perfect solutions for retail businesses, churches, ticket offices, and fundraising collection sites. The drop opening can accommodate money bags, envelopes, and packages.

  • Lateral Fireproof Cabinets

    Lateral Fireproof Filing Cabinets

    Lateral file resistant fire cabinets protect your paper records from intense heat, explosions, drops, and water damage.
  • Vertical Fireproof Cabinets

    Vertical Fireproof Filing Cabinets and Storage

    Our Vertical Fireproof File Cabinets come in two-drawer and four-drawer options. Additionally, we offer both letter and legal size file folders. Our cabinets are both fireproof and waterproof. The insulation we use is asbestos-free and protects your assets against magnetic interference. We provide a competitive warranty by offering a free replacement of your cabinet if your cabinet is damaged in a fire.

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fireproof, shelf, cabinet, 1.5, hour, document, fire,FRSC72 Fireproof Shelf Cabinet (3'W x 1' 8-1/4"D x 6'H), #SMS-136-FRSC72
List Price: $7,342.00
Our Price: $4,011.76 Free Dock-to-Dock Shipping
You save $3,330.24!
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