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Framed Artwork Storage Carts

Framed artwork storage carts with adjustable dividers allow you to store and transport your valuable collections safely, making them ideal for museums, galleries, and libraries. The dividers keep paintings upright, and you can easily adjust them to fit a variety of frame sizes.

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Protect Art in Storage and Transit With Art Storage Carts
The artwork you select for your business is a valuable investment and it's often irreplaceable. You must protect your art with storage solutions that keep it secure, organized, and clean. StoreMoreStore's selection of art storage carts and rolling art storage racks can help galleries, law firms, churches, libraries, schools, hospitals, and small businesses alike.
Why Are Art Storage Carts a Smart Choice?
Each of our art storage racks is thoughtfully crafted to meet the unique needs of art storage. With features like adjustable shelves and convenient casters, these products will help keep your delicate pieces safe during storage and in-house transportation.
Investing in proper art storage has several additional benefits.
Safely Transport Art
When transporting paintings to a new location or into storage, a mobile art storage cart is the perfect way to move artwork. Both our rolling artwork shelving cart and our mobile art storage cart come with 5-inch swivel non-marring casters for your convenience. This art storage cart on wheels is easy to push along, reducing the potential for drops or other damage. The dividers will keep each painting upright and in place during the move.
Protect Your Investments
Each piece in your collection is an investment, and even a minuscule scratch on a painting can be a costly error. Framed art storage racks keep each piece in peak condition, minimizing damage and expensive repair costs. A wheeled artwork storage cart features dividers and shelves so that each piece sits in an individual slot for safekeeping. Plus, these carts are designed to allow for air circulation and minimal dust accumulation.
Organize Your Collection
Framed art storage is also a great way to save space and organize your collection. The vertical shape of our painting storage shelving on wheels makes excellent use of even limited storage areas. The wire frames allow for greater visibility, so it's easier to find any piece you're looking for while designing a gallery or switching out collections.
Why Buy Art Storage Carts From StoreMoreStore?
We believe that artwork deserves to be preserved. Since 2012, StoreMoreStore has helped customers protect their artistic investments with specialized storage solutions. If you would like to learn more about our rolling art storage racks or any other products, give us a call at (855) 786-7667 or send us an email.