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Garment Storage

Our garment storage solutions make it easy to store hanging or folded clothing while providing easy access and space savings.

  • Gowning Clothing Racks

    Gowning Clothing Racks

    Freestanding gowning clothing racks with hander slots provide hanging storage for your garments that need to be kept neat and unwrinkled during storage.
  • Locking Garment Storage

    Locking Garment Storage

    Garment storage cabinets are available with locking doors to keep hanging clothes stored securely to prevent theft or deterioration from dust and light exposure.

  • Mobile Garment Racks

    Mobile Garment Racks

    Wire mobile garment racks provide high density clothing storage in less space than traditional shelving, making them ideal for use in retail backrooms, uniform storage, costume closets, and more.

  • Multi-Level Garment Racks

    Multi Level Garment Racks

    Adjustable multi-level garment racks store hanging clothing, uniforms, wardrobes, and costumes for retail stores, manufacturing facilities, museum displays, warehouses, schools, and more.

  • Steel Garment Racks

    Steel Garment Racks

    Steel garment racks keep garments organized and wrinkle-free for storing all types of hanging uniforms including athletic jerseys, costumes, marching band, choir, police, lab, and company service uniforms.

  • Wire Garment Racks

    Wire Garment Racks

    Wire garment racks store hanging clothing, uniforms, lab coats, and other apparel efficiently. Wire construction prevents dust accumulation to keep hanging clothes clean.