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Armorers Bench

Gunsmith and armory workbenches are designed for weapon repair and firearm maintenance in law enforcement and military applications. Its pegboard panels are available in multiple sizes and with numerous options such as weapon racks, shelves, and ammo bins for a customized solution.

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Conduct Weapon Repair Efficiently With Gunsmith Workbenches

The lives of law enforcement officials often depend on their firearms; not surprisingly, they need to make sure that these weapons are in good condition and ready to use. When the time comes to perform repairs on a firearm, you'll need a safe, organized place to do so. An armorer's bench is a specialized solution crafted with the unique needs of weapons repair in mind.

What Are the Benefits of a Gunsmith Workbench?

Weapon repair and maintenance is a critical component of safe firearm operation. A gunsmith table, such as a police armory workbench, provides a convenient spot to work and store your equipment. They are an excellent investment for police stations, law enforcement and military offices, fire stations, and correctional facilities.
The following are just some of the many benefits of these units:

Establish A Dedicated Work Area

You usually can't perform required repairs at an average office desk. A gun worktable creates a designated workspace for firearms. Our armorer repair bench can be set up wherever is most convenient within your facility so employees can conduct weapons maintenance without disrupting another workspace.

Organize Equipment Conveniently at an Armorer's Workbench

Weapons maintenance requires many small parts and tools. These can easily become jumbled or even misplaced if not properly organized. By setting up a gun worktable, you can keep all of these items right where you need them. Our weapon workbench includes an accessory kit with a rifle rack, shelves, a bin rack, ammo bins and trays, and an optional pegboard.

Perform Weapon Repair Safely at a Gun Workbench

A durable armorer's bench creates an appropriate space for repairs and maintenance, where you can work without worrying about whether you'll damage the bench. Our gunsmith bench is made with durable materials, including a heavy-duty steel framework and a solid maple butcher block work surface. These are designed to stand up to intense use; perfect for large police stations or correctional facilities.

Why Buy a Gunsmith Bench From StoreMoreStore?

We believe in creating a safe, organized area for weapon repairs. To find out how our products can help your organization work safely and efficiently, give us a call at (855) 786-7667 or send us an email.