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Hanging Gun Bag Racks

Gun bag racks organize and store weapons in property and evidence rooms. The racks are available in several sizes to accommodate bags for storing handguns, long guns, rifles, or assault shotguns. Wall-mounted racks are also available. Watch Video
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Hanging gun bag racks for property and evidence room storage and organization. All bags come with hooks. Hanging Gun Bag Racks (30" Wide x 9" Deep), #SMS-42-WM930
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Our Price: $117.68
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Preserve Evidence With Hanging Gun Bag Racks

Conducting a successful case often depends on storing evidence properly. Hanging gun bag racks protect firearms so that the evidence is preserved and remains damage-free while in storage. StoreMoreStore's racks for hanging evidence bags are ideal for police, law enforcement agencies, and evidence storage facilities looking to store evidence weapons safely and securely.

What Are the Benefits of Hanging Gun Bag Racks?

StoreMoreStore offers racks for evidence gun bags in various sizes to accommodate different types of weapons, and custom sizes are available upon request. No matter which size bag you select, each evidence bag rack delivers organized, efficient, and secure storage.

Preserve Evidence With Evidence Gun Storage

Even one misplaced fingerprint could throw off an entire case, so evidence must be kept in good condition while in storage. Units like our pistol bag racks evidence room storage shelving keep weapons secure. Each weapon is stored in an individual bag for the highest possible level of safekeeping. The bags themselves are made with breathable fabric to allow for ventilation and reduce the risk of corrosion. For even higher-density storage on one narrow unit, consider looking into our hanging pistol evidence bag racks.

Organize and Store Weapons With Chain of Custody Bags

If you're managing multiple pieces of evidence, they need to be kept orderly so you can find the right weapon for the current case. Chain of custody bag racks like our hanging handgun evidence racks make it easy to store guns and stay organized. Storing weapons on a dedicated rack separate from other evidence can keep your office safer, too.

Maximize Your Storage Area by Hanging Evidence Bags

Many of our evidence bag racks can be mounted right onto the wall, which is an excellent option for any office looking to use its storage area efficiently and save space. Our long gun evidence racks are easy to install and can be wall-mounted, utilizing vertical space to store bulky, long items that would otherwise be difficult to store. This is great for smaller offices or any facility looking to minimize costs by reducing their storage space.

Why Buy Evidence Gun Storage From StoreMoreStore?

We believe that protecting the chain of custody is critical to justice. Feel free to give us a call at (855) 786-7667 or send us an email to find out more about how our evidence storage solutions can keep evidence organized and secure.