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[Out of Stock] Hanging Rifle Bag Racks, 2 Levels (42" W x 15" D x 104.75" H), #SMS-22-1041542GAR2L
Hanging Rifle Bag Racks
Includes steel shelving and rods for hanging pouches (pouches sold separately).
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Hanging Rifle Bag Racks

Hanging rifle bag racks are a perfect solution for organizing and storing weapons in your Property and Evidence Room. These steel shelving units come with rods for hanging protective evidence gun pouches. Shelving units are available in several widths and heights to accommodate handguns, long guns, rifles, and assault shotguns. The gun pouches or bags are made of a breathable fabric to allow proper ventilation to help prevent corrosion (see gun pouches). Shelving units come with do-it-yourself instructions and assemble with minimal tools. Custom sizes available upon request.

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List Price: $2,630.97
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Dimensions: 42" Wide x 15" Deep x 104.75" High
Opening: 2 Levels (Adjustable)
Type: Steel Shelving with Hanger Rods
Other: Made in the U.S.A
Weight: 54 Lbs.

Product Code: SMS-22-1041542GAR2L


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Hanging Rifle Bag Racks, 2 Levels (42" W x 15" D x 104.75" H), #SMS-22-1041542GAR2L

Gun and weapon storage shelving organizes and stores handguns, long guns, shotguns, assault rifles, pistols, firearms, and other weapons safely in hanging pouches. The commercial steel shelving units have adjustable rod assemblies for various sized hanging gun pouches (pouches are sold separately). The protective gun pouches hook onto the rods similar to a clothes hanger. The units are available in several sizes or we can easily design a custom unit for you.

Hanging Handgun and Long Gun Shelving Sizes:

  • All pistol shelving and gun racks are available in four widths (30", 36", 42", and 48" wide).
  • 76.25" high hanging handgun/pistol shelving units come in four adjustable rod assemblies.
  • 92.75" high pistol/handgun storage shelving units come with five adjustable hanging rod assemblies.
  • 104.75" high rifle storage racks come with two adjustable hanging rod assemblies. Rifles can be stored on two levels. Assault rifles and shotguns will not fit two high in these units.
  • 116.75" high rifle, assault rifle, and shotgun combo storage racks come with two adjustable hanging rod levels. These units will store rifles and assault rifles two high or you can adjust the rods to store shotguns on one level and rifles or assault rifles on the other. Shotguns will not fit on both levels.

Hanging Gun Pouches for Shelving Units

All evidence gun pouches/bags below can be ordered with your shelving:

Type of Bag Bag Dimensions Part Number
Handgun Bag 9" W x 12" L (15.5" with hook) SMS-21-PCGBHD123665IMP
Rifle Bag

9" W x 44" L (47.5" with hook)

Assault Rifle Bag 14" W x 46" L (49.5" with hook) SMS-21-PCGBRFA463665IMP
Shotgun Bag 9" W x 54" L (57.5" with hook) SMS-21-PCGBSG543665IMP

Shelving Construction:

  • Hanging rods are adjustable on 1.5" centers
  • Open sides for units below 92.75" high and shorter units come with open vertical side panels. 104.75" high and taller units come with closed vertical side panels.
  • All steel construction
  • Includes front bottom kick plate base.
  • Choice of 20 standard colors
  • Made in the U.S.A.