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Support Healthcare Workers and Patients With Medical Storage

Healthcare heroes do inspiring work supporting our communities and keeping everyone healthy. Medical storage can make their lives easier by creating an organized, efficient work environment that allows them to focus on their jobs instead of searching for what they need. StoreMoreStore offers a diverse array of storage solutions for medical settings, including hospital storage systems and medical equipment storage systems.

How Can Medical Storage Support Your Facility?

From organizing patient records to securing essential medications and storing valuable equipment, medical supply storage supports the work of healthcare employees. These solutions can help healthcare facilities stay organized, efficient, and sanitary.

Organize Your Space

When doctors and nurses are working around the clock to help patients, they shouldnGt spend extra time searching for items they need. Hospital carts keep tools, supplies, and devices easily within reach, even when on the go for optimal patient care and efficiency. Another common pain point for crowded hospitals is bed storage. Our hospital bed storage racks can stack clunky beds and wheelchairs and keep aisles clear.

Sort and Secure Medications

Your pharmacy is likely a critical aspect of your healthcare office, which makes pharmacy storage equally critical. Pharmacy sliding shelving makes good use of floor space with shelves that can collapse into a compact unit. Pharmacy rotary cabinets are also an efficient storage option, with a rotating design that allows for high-volume storage in a small footprint. For secure storage of narcotics or other restricted products, medication and narcotic cabinets have a locking mechanism so that only authorized personnel can access their contents.

Promote a Clean, Sanitary Environment

ItGs essential to stay sanitary in any medical setting, especially while working with potentially hazardous materials. Sterile shelving options promote a hygienic environment. Sterile core storage racks hold surgical instrument kits to minimize damage and the risk of contamination. Increase your general storage capacity with our medical antimicrobial shelving, which creates a sanitary storage area. If you need to transport items around your facility, explore stainless material handling products on rollers for added convenience.

Why Buy Medical Storage From StoreMoreStore?

Here at StoreMoreStore, we know how big of a difference a well-organized storage system can make because weGve seen our clients save time and money with our medical storage solutions. To learn more about our products, including pharmacy casework, medical records storage, and medical shelving, reach out to our customer service experts today. You can call us at (855) 786-7667 or send us an email.