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Library Storage Solutions: Shelving, Cabinets, and More | SMS

Library patrons and employees looking for books, videos, or other items depend on a well-organized storage system to find them. Just as the Dewey Decimal System keeps books organized, StoreMoreStore's library storage solutions can keep libraries organized.

Stay Organized with Library Storage

Library storage shelves make it easy to display, arrange, and protect your collections. Our shelving solutions are also ideal for overflow or off-site storage to keep your inventory orderly and safe.

A savvy library storage setup can even improve circulation numbers. Patrons might get discouraged if they cannot find what they're looking for, and library employees shouldn't have to spend the day tracking things down. If the item they need is on the appropriate shelf, they're more likely to check it out. Library shelving units with display shelving are a great way to keep periodicals and volumes within view and easy to locate.

Space-Saving, Configurable Library Shelving

Another benefit of our library storage is that it's easily configurable. As your inventory changes, you can adapt your arrangement to meet your shifting needs. In the event of construction, you can adjust the setup to fit a new layout.

A well-organized storage solution maximizes space for exhibits, furniture, and modern amenities. For example, library storage shelves can free up floor space; our library carts with included casters keep items out of the way when re-shelving returned books or reserving a set of volumes for a class.

Create a Well-Designed, Functional Space

You can select from a variety of finishes and designs to create an arrangement that is equally functional and attractive. Wooden bookcases are a beautiful option if your library has a traditional decor style. If your surroundings feature a more modern aesthetic, curved mobile bookcases are a stylish yet flexible choice. You can also combine different types of library shelving and library storage cabinets to create a unique arrangement.

Why Buy Library Storage Solutions From StoreMoreStore?

Since 2012, StoreMoreStore has helped customers across a variety of industries stay organized. We are proud to offer high-quality library storage solutions that are durable, versatile, and customizable.

Our customer service experts can help you find solutions that save you time and space. Get in touch by calling us at (855) 786-7667 or send us an email.