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Locking Mail Slot Cabinets

Locking mail slot cabinets include multiple locking doors with individual built-in mail slots to collect and distribute office mail securely.
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Get Your Mailroom in Shape With a Mail Organizer
Your workplace's mail hub is often filled with critical messages that can't be delayed or lost. A mail organizer creates an organized, secure place for office mail. StoreMoreStore's selection of mail organizing solutions can help your mailroom run smoothly and ensure each letter arrives at its destination.
What Are the Benefits of a Mail Organizer?
From schools and hospitals to corporate offices and mailrooms, every workplace needs to stay organized to properly collect and distribute office mail. An office mail organizer is a customizable solution that makes it easy to sort the mail and keep it safe.
Keep Your Mail Station Organized
Incoming mail needs to get to the right person in a timely fashion; outgoing letters need to be prepared for pickup. A mail sorter cabinet like our office mail sort station with doors is ideal for keeping ingoing and outgoing mail organized. This cabinet features individual compartments and a front and rear bend perfect for labels. That way, you can assign each slot to a specific recipient or department.
Secure Important Mail
Many confidential documents are sent through the mail. A locking mail organizer cabinet will keep this private information secure and ensure that only the correct recipient can access it. Our vertical office locking mail slots and our mailroom individual locking mail shelves each feature multiple locking doors. Each door on these office mail organizer cabinets includes a key lock, but we provide the option to include digital locks if you need an extra level of security.
Configure Each Product to Suit Your Needs
Each of our mail slot cabinets is available in multiple configurations. We can help you find a solution that addresses pain points in your mail system. For example, our cabinets are available in a closed-back, non-pass-through style or with an open back, like our office thru wall mail slots. You can also select a finish that matches your decor for a more attractive mailroom look.
Why Buy a Mail Organizer From StoreMoreStore?
We believe that a thoughtful storage solution enables better communication and productivity in any workplace. If you would like to learn more about our mailroom furniture solutions or any other office storage solutions, give us a call at (855) 786-7667 or send us an email.