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Mailroom Casework

We have a variety of mailroom casework furniture, including tables, shelves, cabinets, and sorters to efficiently organize your mail. Mailroom FurnitureWatch Video
  • Cabinet with Hinged Doors

    Cabinet with Hinged Doors

    Cabinets with hinged doors are available in 24” and 30” deep sizes and multiple widths. The cabinets create a central mail drop-off location for the quick and efficient distribution of mail.

  • Cabinet with Mail Drop Slots

    Cabinet with Mail Drop Slots

    Cabinets with mail drop slots provide an easy and secure way to drop off mail that needs to be distributed. Cabinets are available in multiple sizes with various mail drop-off slot options.

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  • Mail Tables

    Mail station tables provide a convenient place to sort and distribute mail. Closed and open back sorters are available as options for quick distribution and sorting.

  • Table with Bottom Shelf

    Table with Bottom Shelf

    Mail station tables are available with bottom shelf options for the storage, organization, and distribution of mail and other mailroom materials.

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