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Material Handling Equipment

Material handling products make lifting, loading, and unloading materials easy, safe, ergonomic, and expedient.

  • Electric Industrial Scooter Carts

    Electric Industrial Scooter Carts

    Electric warehouse scooters and industrial motorized carts are ideal for transporting personnel and items across warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and stockrooms. This can minimize walking distances for warehouse managers, supervisors, employees, and stock pickers to reduce fatigue and improve productivity.

  • Forklift Accessories

    Forklift Accessories

    Forklift accessories come in many durable configurations to accommodate your industrial application needs and make material handling processes safer. Choose from models that can simplify lifting plate material in a vertical position or provide extra support to elevate long or large objects with a fork truck.

  • Forklift Work Platforms

    Forklift Work Platforms

    Forklift work platforms elevate maintenance and warehouse personnel to overhead shelves or wherever needed to ensure safe and convenient material picking access. Most models allow secure attachment to fork trucks using safety restraints, and one folds down during nonuse to simplify storage and relocation.

  • Lift Tables

    Lift Tables

    Lift tables bring light and heavy material loads to an ergonomic work position to increase efficiency and productivity while reducing bending and twisting motions that cause muscle fatigue and body injuries. Pick from durable steel carts with the adjustability to fit your application, manual models, or powered alternatives that provide a more economical choice to fork trucks and allow safe, single-person use.

  • Lifts


    Lifts designed to make transporting materials and inventorying storage safer and more efficient come in many configurations to meet your application needs. Compact models can facilitate office equipment relocation or ceiling and wall appliance installation. Alternatives with fixed or adjustable forks allow pallet and/or skid use.

  • Miscellaneous

    Miscellaneous Material Handling Equipment

    Miscellaneous material handling equipment can be used indoors or outdoors and are ideal for parking lots, concrete, gas station asphalt, warehouse tile floors, and school or theatre carpeting to simplify the cleaning process. Independent height adjustable deluxe models include a folding, easy-to-store handle while alternatives have a retractable handle for compact storage.

  • Pallet Jacks

    Pallet Jacks

    Pallet jacks designed to make material load storage and transport easier, safer, ergonomic, and more efficient come in many configurations to meet your industrial and retail backroom needs. Pick from models with features such as LCD scales, dual direction, and more or stainless steel alternatives with the corrosion protection to allow use in cleanrooms, laboratories, and wet areas.

  • Risers & Ramps

    Risers & Ramps

    Risers and ramps designed to elevate semi-trailers to the correct dock level in order to maximize serviceability during loading and unloading and comply with OSHA/ANSI requirements. Pick from heavy-duty models that are transported by a fork truck and cable crossover models for lightweight applications.

  • Stretch Wrappers & Turntables

    Stretch Wrappers & Turntables

    Stretch wrappers and turntables come in many configurations to meet your industrial application needs. Pick from either a semi-automatic or manual pallet hand-wrapping solutions. These stretch wrappers and turntables save time and help protect products during shipment.

  • Trash Hoppers

    Trash Hoppers

    Trash hoppers designed to make managing waste and bulk materials safer, simpler, and faster come in many durable configurations to meet your industrial application needs. Pick from space-saving stackable or portable models that need secure attachment to fork trucks using safety restraints to ease dumping.

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