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Prefabricated mezzanines are an easy way to add extra floorspace to your facility without costly and time-consuming construction. Since the mezzanines come in pre-manufactured kits, it’s easy to set them up for use right away. See below for mezzanine kits available in IBC and OSHA compliant designs.

  • IBC Compliant Stair Mezzanines

    IBC Mezzanines

    These two-story mezzanines are prefabricated for easy installation and meet International Business Code (IBC) standards for use in public spaces. Mezzanine kits include guardrails, stairways, and decking.

  • OSHA Complaint Stair Mezzanines

    OSHA Mezzanines

    Prefabricated two-story mezzanines are OSHA compliant with guardrails, stairways, and decking included. Each mezzanine kit is pre-manufactured and installs quickly and easily to add extra floorspace to your facility without construction.

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