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Museum Storage: Fine Art Shelving, Racks, and Cabinets | SMS

As a center of culture, a museum must display works and protect and preserve them. Museum storage solutions like storage racks, shelves, and carts can help organize and store pieces, allowing artwork, historical collections, specimens, and more to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Display Works

Properly displaying your pieces is a critical component of any museum storage system. Fine art museum storage such as art racks and wall display panels allows you to safely and attractively mount paintings and other flat pieces.

Stay Organized

Ever-changing collections make it essential for museums to maximize storage space through art museum storage shelving.

Our high-density museum storage allows you to utilize any available space and save room for newly acquired objects or artifacts. Art storage shelving is an excellent option to house pieces waiting for restoration or otherwise not on display. In contrast, framed artwork storage carts are specially designed to fit art that has already been framed, making them ideal for works being prepared for a temporary exhibit or new additions to a collection.

Museum Storage Aids Preservation

Items in a museum or gallery collection have specific requirements to avoid deterioration. With archival museum storage, you can keep irreplaceable works protected by preventing exposure to light, dust, moisture, and other potentially damaging factors. Museum, entomology and herbarium dry storage cabinets will preserve and sort these collections according to their unique needs.

Fine Art Museum Storage Protects Your Collection

Whether you have a private collection or are running a public museum, you're likely housing valuable, high-risk items. You can add a locking drawer option to many of our flat file storage cabinets so that the works inside are both organized and safeguarded. Additionally, we offer sliding security doors and locking storage cabinets to keep these priceless works secure from theft.

Why Buy Museum Storage From StoreMoreStore?

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