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Music Cabinets & Shelves

Music cabinets and shelves provide flexible storage that keeps school, church, and concert hall folios organized and can easily integrate with counters and desks.

  • Base Folio Cabinets

    Base Folio Cabinets

    Base folio cabinets have shelves that you can adjust, add, and remove to create optimal storage conditions with flexible space to store and organize music folders. Available with or without doors, configurations are great to use in concert halls, churches, and schools.

  • Cubby Door Instrument Cabinets

    Cubby Door Instrument Cabinets

    Cubby door instrument cabinets have individual laminate storage compartments large enough to store, secure, and organize bassoons, guitars, trumpets, violins, and more. They're great to use in concert halls, churches, music equipment stores, and schools.

  • Grilled Door Instrument Cabinets

    Grilled Door Instrument Cabinets

    Grilled door instrument cabinets allow efficient airflow without affecting the acoustics of a room to eliminate dust, so clarinets, saxophones, and more remain clean while stored. Storage doors have five-knuckle hinges with padlock hasps that provide theft protection and proper alignment to ensure smooth use.

  • Hutch Folio Cabinets

    Hutch Folio Cabinets

    Hutch folio cabinets can sit on counters or desks to save floor space and ensure you have ergonomic and easy access to sheet music. Configurations have shelves that you can include, adjust, and remove if wanting to create flexible storage with efficient space to store and organize music folders.

  • Laminate Door Instrument Cabinets

    Laminate Door Instrument Cabinets

    Laminate door instrument cabinets with a full-height design include security padlock hasps and shelves durable enough to protect tubas, trumpets and more from harsh impacts and theft. Units have large storage compartments to organize whatever musical equipment schools and retailers have on hand.

  • Mobile Folio Cabinets

    Mobile Folio Cabinets

    Mobile folio cabinets have shelves that you add, adapt, and remove to create storage with efficient space to organize sheet music. Configurations roll-on swivel polyurethane non-marking casters that facilitate simple and smooth relocation to save you space while protecting floors from scratches and tire marks.

  • Open Instrument Shelves

    Open Instrument Shelves

    Open instrument shelves have storage compartments large enough to protect drums, cellos, and more during nonuse while promoting easy access and budget-friendliness. They're perfect to use in schools, music equipment stores, and more that need efficient storage to organize musical instruments.

  • Pull-out Music Shelves

    Pull-out Music Shelves

    Pull-out music shelves are ideal for storing sheet music, files, books, supplies, and more. Cabinets slide out to access stored materials in less space than traditional cabinets.

  • Tall Folio Cabinets

    Tall Folio Cabinets

    Tall folio cabinets have storage slots that you can adapt to create openings with efficient space to keep music folders organized. They're great to use in schools, concert halls, and churches and include shelving that you can add, remove, and adjust as needed to ensure optimal space utilization.

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Music Cabinets and Shelving
StoreMoreStore has a wide selection of music cabinets for storing instruments and sheet music. Below are some of the products we offer.
  • Open, solid, and grilled door instrument storage cabinets
  • Freestanding folio cabinets for sheet music
  • Counter and wall-hung hutch folio cabinets
  • Mobile folio storage carts
  • Space-saving pull-out sheet music shelves
All of our cabinets come in a choice of finishes.
Why are Music Cabinets Important?
Music cabinets help organize and protect your equipment. Whether you need music storage for your school, church, orchestra, or private collection, we can help.
Get Organized with Us
Organizing your sheet music makes life better. There’s nothing more frustrating than searching through piles of sheet music except maybe damaged music sheets. Folios cabinets protect and organize your sheet music so you can find it quickly and easily.
Why Buy Music Storage Cabinets from StoreMoreStore?
At StoreMoreStore, we will help you select the right storage equipment for your music room. To find the perfect music cabinet & shelf or commercial storage shelves for your business, reach out to our customer service experts. You can call us at (855) 786-7667 or email us.