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Open Shelving Beaded Post 48x18x87 (4'W x 1' 6"D x 7' 3"H), #SMS-39-7713-18
Open Shelving Beaded Post 48x18x87 | 8 Shelves Extra Heavy-Duty Steel Hallowell
The shelves clip into posts and are adjustable on 1-1/2" centers.
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Open Shelving Beaded Post 48x18x87

Closed beaded post shelving units are built for maximum strength in industrial storage applications. Unlike angle posts that obstruct over 2" of the shelf width, the beaded front post design allows full use of the entire shelf. The steel frame and adjustable shelves make them ideal for storing a variety of materials such as tools, gear, supplies. Inventory, and other equipment or products.

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Dimensions: 4'W x 1' 6"D x 7' 3"H (see actual dimensions)
Opening: 8 Shelves
Type: Extra Heavy-Duty Open Shelving
Other: Shelf Weight Capacity 900lbs.
Weight: 181 Lbs.

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Product Code: SMS-39-7713-18

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Open Shelving Beaded Post 48x18x87

4'W x 1' 6"D x 7' 3"H, SMS-39-7713-18

Extra heavy-duty open steel shelves are designed for industrial use in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, maintenance and repair applications, and more. Adjustable shelves and shelf clips make it easy to modify the shelves to your needs for storing multiple types and sizes of items. Choose from a variety of shelving units with varying capacities and number of shelves.

Extra Heavy-Duty Industrial Shelving Features

  • Beaded Posts: Beaded front posts are fabricated from 14-gauge cold rolled steel and roll formed into an 11/16" wide x 2-9/16" deep tubular section. Angle back posts are fabricated from 14-gauge cold rolled steel and roll formed into a modified unequal angle shape.
  • Actual Dimensions: Beaded post units connect to additional shelving with common posts to make rows of shelves (see rows of shelving kits). The first shelving unit in each row is called a "starter unit." For dimension purposes, each starter unit is 1 1/4" wider than the stated dimensions on this page. For example, 36" wide units measure 37-1/4" wide and 48" wide units measure 49-1/4" wide. Add 1/4" to the depth for the actual unit depth.
  • Shelves: Shelves are adjustable on 1-1/2" centers with roll formed rectangular tubular shaped front and rear edges with return bends welded to the underside of the shelf on 3" centers for maximum strength. All four corners are lapped and welded to provide a rigid corner and add extra strength to the shelf. Top shelf surface is punched from left to right, front and back to accept dividers.
  • Shelf Clips: One-piece shelf compression clips drawn from 13-gauge cold rolled steel with zinc plated finish. Four shelf clips are provided with each shelf.
  • Open Units: Open units come with "X" sway braces for the sides and back. Braces are of 1" x 11 gauge cold rolled steel strips with safety edges to eliminate sharpness. The braces consist of two identical pieces that are punched in the center for bolting together and forming an "X." The ends of the metal braces are rounded and punched for attaching to front and back posts.
  • Closed Units: Closed units come with side panel and back panels assemblies. Panels are fabricated from 24-gauge cold rolled sheet steel. Each panel is punched with 5/16" diameter holes on 1" centers vertically along outer edges and center for attaching purposes.
  • Extra Heavy-Duty Shelf Weight Capacity: Shelf capacity is based on a uniformly distributed load and a safety factor of 1.65.
    • 36" x 12": 1,100 lbs. per shelf
    • 36" x 18": 1,200 lbs. per shelf
    • 36" x 24": 1,250 lbs. per shelf
    • 48" x 12": 750 lbs. per shelf
    • 48" x 18": 900 lbs. per shelf
    • 48" x 24": 900 lbs. per shelf
  • Finish: Gray powder coated steel
  • Certifications: GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certifiedâ„ 
  • Assembly: Ships unassembled
  • Warranty: One Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
  • Made in USA

Additional Shelves

Width Depth Medium-Duty Heavy-Duty Extra Heavy-Duty
36 12 SMS-39-5135-3612 SMS-39-5138-3612 SMS-39-5139-3612
36 18 SMS-39-5135-3618 SMS-39-5138-3618 SMS-39-5139-3618
36 24 SMS-39-5135-3624 SMS-39-5138-3624 SMS-39-5139-3624
48 12 SMS-39-5135-4812 SMS-39-5138-4812 SMS-39-5139-4812
48 18 SMS-39-5135-4818 SMS-39-5138-4818 SMS-39-5139-4818
48 24 SMS-39-5135-4824 SMS-39-5138-4824 SMS-39-5139-4824

Optional Accessory: Floorplate anchoring feet