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Pallets & Accessories

Steel pallets and material handling equipment allow two and four-way pallet and forklift access to simplify the product transport process. Pick from food and chemical industry reusable models that have a non-skid surface and remain easy-to-clean with a power washer or heavy-duty, non-reversible alternatives with a rust-resistant finish.

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Pallet Puller Clamp Drag Skids Forklift Chain Tool Pallet Puller Clamp, #SMS-46A-HPAL-12
List Price: $157.58
You save $38.20!
Pry lever Bar 6-Foot Wood Mule Machinery Mover Pry lever Bar 6', #SMS-46A-HPLB-6
List Price: $615.25
You save $149.15!
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