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Phenolic Employee Lockers (1' W x 1' 6" D x 6' H), #SMS-39-PHL1282-6A-FA
keyless locks, Keylocks, Versamax, phenolic, less expensive than stainless steel, mold resistant, odor resistant, bacteria resistant, wet environments, aquatic centers, marine facilities, wet areas, durable, humid atmosphere
Please note these lockers come with our new improved digital lock design (see photo below).
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Phenolic Employee Lockers

Phenolic employee lockers are made of a unique non-porous plastic material that has many benefits. Phenolic lockers will not rust, warp, or delaminate. In addition, the lockers are impact, water, scratch, graffiti, odor, corrosion, fire, mold, and bacteria resistant, making it a perfect locker solution for wet and high humidity areas. These lockers are a great solution for locker rooms, recreation centers, refrigerated areas, various factories, and other locations exposed to high humidity levels. Lockers come standard with padlock lugs with an option for key cam locks or electronic locks.

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List Price: $2,333.44
Our Price: $1,466.29 (Free Dock to Dock Shipping)*
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Price with Selected Options: $1,466.29
Dimensions: 1' W x 1' 6" D x 6' H
Opening: Six-Tier Box Lockers
Type: 1-Wide
Other: Choice of Padlock Hasps, Key Locks, or Digital Locks
Weight: 135 Lbs.

Availability: Ships in 10-11 weeks
Ship time subject to change without notice
Product Code: SMS-39-PHL1282-6A-FA


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Padlock Hasp [$0.00]
Key Lock [Add $93.84]
Digital Lock [Add $938.32]
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Phenolic Employee Lockers

1' W x 1' 6" D x 6' H, SMS-39-PHL1282-6A-FA

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Phenolic lockers are a perfect solution for areas exposed to wet and high humidity like recreation pool areas and locker rooms. Phenolic lockers are made of a durable material that will not rust, warp, or delaminate. In addition, the lockers are impact, water, scratch, graffiti, odor, corrosion, fire, mold, and bacteria resistant.

Phenolic Locker Construction & Features:

  • Construction: Made from Phenolic plastic. Sides and backs are 5/16" thick. Tops, bottoms and shelves are 3/8" thick. Doors are 1/2" thick.
  • Doors: Phenolic lockers are available in single tier, double tier, six tier, and double tier Z style doors.
  • Locks: Doors come standard with padlock lugs with optional built-in digital locks and key cam locks.
  • Shelves: Single tier lockers include a hat shelf.
  • Coat Hooks: Single and double tier lockers include two single-prong hooks.
  • Finish: Woodgrain finish (Figured Annigre)
  • 20 Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty

Electronic Lock Features

Lockers equipped with electronic digital locks allow keyless entry for permanent or temporary use. For temporary use, lockers stay unlocked until a user locks the door by entering a 4-digit PIN. To reopen the locker, the user re-enters their 4-digit PIN. The PIN is then scrambled, making the locker ready for the next user. The lock comes with an eight-digit Manager's master PIN and a Sub-Manager's sub-master PIN. Locks can be re-programmed by the Manager for permanent use. Users can change their PIN at any time when lock is in Permanent User Mode.

Programmable Electronic Lock Features (on Designated Lockers):

  • Operates using 4-digit user PIN
  • LEDs indicate low battery level and to validate data entry
  • Audible button tones (can be muted)
  • Auto unlock/lock feature
  • Secure pop-out turn-handle is flush when locked
  • Recessed mount for cleaner appearance
  • Green available Locker Indicator Ring
  • Two-level management security with 8-digit Master and 6-Digit Sub-Master codes
  • Mechanical Master key override allows Locker to be opened when batteries are low or dead
  • Powered by a standard CR123 lithium battery
  • ADA compliant

Shared Use Mode

  • User can lock and unlock any available locker door with a user-selected 4-digit code.
  • To reopen the locker, user enters the 4-digit code to unlock the door.
  • After locker is reopened, the PIN code is erased and the locker is available for the next user.

Permanent Use Mode

  • User enters a pre-programmed 4-digit code to unlock and use the locker repeatedly.
  • Lock does not require a code to re-lock door.