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Prisoner Restraint Benches

Prisoner restraint benches are durable, easy to clean, and come with a built-in handcuff bar and shackle loops.
  • ADA Benches

    ADA Benches

    ADA compliant benches and detention seats with handcuff rings provide temporary holding and restraint for detainees in transfer centers, courthouses, jails, and more.

  • All Metal Benches

    All Metal Benches

    All metal benches with handcuff rings provide durable seating for temporary detainee restraint in courthouses, jails, transfer centers, holding cells, and more.

  • Composite Lumber Benches

    Composite Lumber Benches

    Composite lumber benches with handcuffs are ideal for temporary detainee restraint in transfer and holding centers, courthouses, detention centers, and more.

  • Stainless Steel Benches

    Stainless Steel Benches

    Stainless steel holding benches are easy to clean and come with a pair of handcuffs, making them ideal for temporary detainee restraint in transfer centers, courthouses, holding cells, airports, hospitals, hotels, and more.

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