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Property and Evidence Storage Solutions

A variety of adjustable file shelving and open shelf filing racks are available for your office storage system. Our file folder storage shelving is made of sturdy steel and is easily adjustable. These shelves are ideal for storing file folders, record storage boxes, binders, and other office media efficiently. Quick Product Finder

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  • Hanging Gun Bag Racks

    Hanging Gun Bag Racks

    Gun bag racks organize and store weapons in property and evidence rooms. The racks are available in several sizes to accommodate bags for storing handguns, long guns, rifles, or assault shotguns. Wall-mounted racks are also available. Watch Video
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Hanging gun bag racks for property and evidence room storage and organization. All bags come with hooks. Hanging Gun Bag Racks (30" Wide x 9" Deep), #SMS-42-WM930
List Price: $157.69
Our Price: $117.68
You save $40.01!
Rifle Property Storage Bags, Hanging Long Gun Storage Bags Hanging Property Bags for Rifles (9"W x 44"L), #SMS-21-PCGBRF443665IMP
List Price: $10.13
Our Price: $8.24
You save $1.89!
In-Cell Personal Property Storage Organizer, Nylon Mesh Bags Nylon Mesh Detention Cell Bags (16"W x 24"L x 12"H), #SMS-21-PCSBX165961IMP
List Price: $21.32
Our Price: $17.34
You save $3.98!
Equilok Security Seal Tie Straps, Property & Evidence Pacific Concepts Cinch Up 8" Security Seal Tie Straps, #SMS-21-PCPTS
List Price: $126.61
Our Price: $102.94
You save $23.67!
Hanging Handgun Evidence Storage Pouches, Sidearm Pistol Bags Hanging Handgun Property Bags (9"W x 12"L), #SMS-21-PCGBHD123665IMP
List Price: $9.04
Our Price: $7.35
You save $1.69!
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Stay Organized With Inmate Property and Evidence Storage

There are many moving parts in a bustling law enforcement facility; new evidence frequently arrives, along with new inmates and their property. You can keep everything orderly and efficient with storage products that maximize your space and your time, and StoreMoreStore's selection of inmate property storage and evidence storage solutions provide flexible, space-saving organization.

What Are the Benefits of Inmate Property Storage and Evidence Storage?

A smart storage solution can efficiently store, protect, and organize evidence and property. Property and evidence shelving and other storage solutions are ideal for police, law enforcement agencies, evidence storage facilities, and prisons.

Keep Your Facility Organized

These types of facilities need to keep high volumes of property and evidence accounted for at all times. Hanging property and evidence storage racks offer plenty of flexible storage for evidence and property. Each item can be stored and labeled in individual clear plastic evidence bags so that nothing is misplaced. Plus, a property or evidence rack can be configured according to your needs as your facility grows.

Secure and Standardize Property Storage

Property storage solutions ensure that inmate property is sorted and safe. Storage options like our clear in-cell organizer personal property bags deliver efficient, standardized storage to make the most of your space while keeping personal property contained. Inmate property bags, including our hanging inmate garment storage bags, also feature lockable zippers to secure contents during storage.

Protect and Store Evidence

Evidence must be stored safely in a police evidence bag to prevent damage or tampering. Keep evidence bags sorted and orderly on property and evidence bulk racks, like our evidence room pistol storage racks. These units are available in several sizes to accommodate small or large evidence bags. Individual storage options such as these are a great way to keep evidence damage-free and minimize the risk of corrosion.

Why Buy Evidence and Inmate Property Storage From StoreMoreStore?

We believe protecting evidence and property is critical to making sure justice is served. Feel free to give us a call at (855) 786-7667 or send us an email to find out more about property and evidence cabinets, evidence collection bags, or any of our law enforcement solutions.