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Are you feeling overwhelmed by a lack of organization in your home or apartment? Home storage solutions like shelving cabinets, carts, racks, and more can get clutter under control. StoreMoreStore has residential storage products for every area of your home.

Who Can Benefit From Home Storage Solutions?

Residential storage products create a more organized, practical environment in any home. Anyone who owns or manages houses or apartments can benefit from additional storage, including homeowners, apartment owners, and landlords.

Where Can Residential Storage Solutions Help?

The Living Area

Your living space should be comfortable and orderly. Once everything in your home has a proper place, it is much easier to keep it clean and organized; that's why storage cabinets are a great way to create additional storage space in your home. Whether you need extra room for your wardrobe or more shelves for hobby items, cabinets keep your belongings accessible and tidy.

The Home Office

Working from home is rapidly becoming the new normal, and it is essential to have a functional and efficient workspace. Home office storage solutions like box shelving keep files and inventory organized, so you can spend less time searching for items you need and more time focusing on the tasks at hand.

The Garage

With sports equipment, lawn care essentials, car parts, and more, garages often become a catch-all for clutter. Garage storage solutions make it easier to keep everything neat. Maximize space with residential garage shelving like overhead garage storage that can be mounted above parked cars, while workbenches provide you with a surface area for projects.


Apartment living requires a unique set of storage solutions, whether you're a tenant or a building owner. Space-saving apartment storage solutions enable you to take full advantage of any extra space you may have. Apartments often lack adequate built-in storage, so wire shelving and carts can provide some much-needed organization in a closet or pantry.

Mail deliveries can pose issues for apartment tenants; stolen parcels and inconvenient pickup times are often a regular occurrence. Setting up storage amenities like apartment package lockers keeps deliveries secure, allowing residents to pick up mail without needing a property manager's assistance.

Why Buy Home Storage Solutions From StoreMoreStore?

Since 2012, StoreMoreStore has been a leading provider of storage solutions across numerous industries and vertices. Our high-quality home storage products can help you declutter your home, office, apartment, workspace, and garage.

Our customer service experts can help you find solutions that save you time and space. Get in touch by calling us at (855) 786-7667 or send us an email.