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Rolling Tambour Door Kit, #SMS-89-T621LT4P7-Door
Rolling Tambour Door Kit SMS-89-T621LT4P7-Door
Doors for SMS-25-T621LT4P7
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Rolling Tambour Door Kit

This door kit is specially designed to fit sliding shelving model #SMS-25-T621LT4P7. Roll-up doors add a neat and clean look to your storage while providing security. Door kits include two end panels, door with lock, hardware, and manual operation. Motorized doors are available as an option. Units over 12' wide will have two doors. Units over 24' wide will have three doors.

This roll down door is designed for shelving, if you need a security shutter for a counter or other application, please contact customer service for a quote.

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List Price: $8,740.69
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Price with Selected Options: $6,356.87
Dimensions: 7' 2" W x 3' 8" D x 7' 8" H
Opening: Single Door
Type: Manual with lock (standard)
Other: Optional Motorized Doors

Product Code: SMS-89-T621LT4P7-DOOR

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Rolling Tambour Door Kit

fits Mobile Shelving SMS-25-T621LT4P7, 7' 2" W x 3' 8" D x 7' 8" H, #SMS-89-T621LT4P7-Door

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Secure stored items by adding roll-up security doors to your sliding shelving units. These security door kits offer many advantages compared to hinged doors. For example, one door can span up to 12', while it would require three or four hinged doors to secure the same amount of shelving. Another advantage of roll-up doors is that they don't swing out into the room. Since the doors roll up instead of swinging out, they will still open if boxes are temporarily set in front of the shelving.

Features of Roll-up Security Doors for Sliding Shelving:

  • Door kits include two end panels, doors with locks, and all hardware.
  • Door kits increase the height, width, and depth of shelving unit footprint (see dimensions above).
  • Kits with more than one door will have locks keyed alike. If you want locks keyed differently, please call 1-855-786-7667.
  • Shelving units over 12' wide come with two doors; units 24' wide come with three doors.
  • Doors include approximately 2" of space between the front of the shelving and door to compensate for any items hanging off the front of the shelf.
  • Available in several attractive colors
  • No routine maintenance required
  • One-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Doors are designed for interior use only

Operational Motorized Door Kits:

  • Doors come standard with manual operation or with optional motorized operation
  • Optional electric motorized door kits come with one of the following controls: wireless paddle/toggle switch, wireless keypad, wireless handheld remote, or a hardwired key with operation (requires electrical wiring). Doors will be programmed to work off the same control. If separate programming is required, please call 1-855-786-7667.
  • All doors come with a 1/4" safety edge that reverses the door movement upon contact with an obstruction. The safety edge is powered by a battery with a minimum 2-year life.