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Spinning File Rotary Cabinets

Two-sided spinning rotary cabinets revolve 360-?to save floor space for storing files, supplies, boxes, books, binders, computer media, and more in one secure locking cabinet. Due to their double-sided construction, the revolving cabinets can provide double storage in about the same space as one traditional cabinet. Architectural Revit Models

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Explore Spinning File Rotary Cabinets
Offering an excellent alternative to file cabinets, you can replace your file cabinet, bookcase, and office supplies – moving them into one reconfigurable modular system. Rotary cabinets contain a dual-sided rotating shelf within a cabinet with access to each side of the shelf. Rotary storage offers a more compact solution for storage.

How Can Spinning File Rotary Cabinets Help You?
These models maximize space. One side of the spinning cabinet faces the wall while the other side is accessible. To access stored files and materials on the cabinet side facing the wall, spin the cabinet 180 degrees. When completed, you can turn the cabinet a quarter turn either way and lock the cabinet. When closed, the rotary cabinet is exquisite and clean-looking. The Rotary Storage and Filing Cabinets deliver up to 400% more files in the same floor space as traditional drawer filing cabinets.

Can Store a Wide Variety of Supplies
Rotary File Cabinets will accommodate multiple types of media and file folders, making them a tremendous general office storage cabinet. They come in letter and legal sizes from counter height to 8′ tall. Use the manageable access storage levels for active filing and store inactive records, binders, or office supplies on the upper levels. The rotary filing cabinets have interior storage components to choose from, including top tab file drawers, security drawers, small computer media and supply drawers, and shelves for storing side tab files and notebooks. Organizing information and supplies in a centralizing storage cabinet makes it easier and quicker to find information.

Save Space and Money
It saves time and is affordable enough to be used even in small offices. Their maintenance is also easy as they can be rotated and cleaned. The rotary file cabinets occupy 50% less space than the drawer file system. Rotary file cabinets make it easier to manage the files than the drawer file cabinet system.

Protect Documents
You need to protect your most valuable inventory, and our Rotary File Cabinets create a safe storage area for documents.These shelves precisely fit files, binders, and books, so you stay organized and reduce the risk of misplaced information.

Why Buy Storage Shelving Units From StoreMoreStore?
At StoreMoreStore, we know how valuable a strong organizational system can be because we've helped our customers save space, time, and money with the right storage products. To find the perfect filing cabinets or commercial storage shelves for your business, reach out to our customer service experts today. You can call us at (855) 786-7667 or send us an email.