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Shelf Carts

Plastic and stainless steel carts come with three shelves for users to quickly transport supplies and inventory in offices, hospitals, restaurants, and other fast-paced environments.
  • Galvanized Solid Shelf Carts

    Galvanized Solid Shelf Carts

    NSF certified galvanized carts with adjustable solid shelves are easy to clean and provide efficient transport for bulky items, inventory, and supplies in warehouses, food service, hospitals, sanitary applications, and more.

  • Solid Plastic Shelf Carts

    Solid Plastic Shelf Carts

    Carts with solid plastic shelves are designed for easy storage and transportation of supplies and inventory. Raised shelf lips prevent spills and are ideal for use in warehouses, food service, industrial facilities, labs, factories, and more.

  • Stainless Solid Shelf Carts

    Stainless Solid Shelf Carts

    NSF certified stainless steel carts with solid shelves are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, making them ideal for storage and transport of inventory and supplies in hygienic and sanitary applications such as healthcare and food service.

  • Steel Shelf Carts

    Steel Shelf Carts

    Steel Shelf Carts ensure inventory remains protected during space-saving transit and can simplify material transferal to and from storage. Configurations have ergonomic handles that allow more natural steering and casters designed to reduce rolling resistance while providing a quiet ride over rough or uneven floors.

  • Wire Shelf Carts

    Wire Shelf Carts

    NSF certified wire shelf carts and baker rack carts provide quick storage and transportation with air circulation to prevent the buildup of dust and other contaminants. These carts are ideal for storing food supplies, electronics, parts, cleaning supplies, boxes and bins, and more.

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