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Stainless Supply Cabinets

Stainless steel cabinets are excellent for securely storing supplies in sterile work environments including hospitals, food handling facilities, labs, and cleanrooms. Choose from a variety of configurations including single or double doors, solid or glass doors, sloped or flat tops, and more. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing). Architectural Revit Models

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Protect Sterile Workplaces With Stainless Steel Cabinets
In some workplaces, every particle counts. Hospitals, medical facilities, labs, restaurants, and more each require a sterile, organized environment to operate successfully. A stainless steel storage cabinet is an excellent option for any workplace that needs clean storage for tools, equipment, lab samples, or other supplies.
Why Should You Invest in Stainless Steel Cabinets?
StoreMoreStore's steel storage cabinets are available in numerous configurations and sizes, so you can select the unit that meets your preferences. When cleanliness counts, you can count on a stainless steel wall cabinet to provide sterile, secure, and organized storage.
Keep Your Work Environment Sterile
In hospitals that need to keep operating tools clean or restaurants that need to avoid cross-contamination, stainless steel is ideal material for sterile storage. Our stainless cabinets with sloped tops have plenty of room for safe storage, as do our stainless steel rolling cabinets. These sterile storage cabinets can be placed almost anywhere to add hygienic, convenient storage wherever you need it.
Protect Supplies and Equipment
Products like our wide stainless cabinets have plenty of room for equipment and materials. Made with durable, heavy-gauge type 300 stainless steel, these steel storage cabinets can withstand the challenging conditions of healthcare facilities, restaurants, and more. The shelves are also adjustable for storage of varying heights, and they feature a hat channel reinforcement for added strength.
Boost Efficiently
Don't waste time searching through cabinets for the tool you need. A stainless steel medical cabinet makes it easy to stay organized and efficient. For extra visibility with a smaller footprint, select narrow-profile, glass-front stainless cabinets, like our stainless glass door slim cabinets or our slim stainless glass storage cabinets. With just a glance, you can check the contents of the cabinet and get back to your task faster.
Why Buy Stainless Steel Cabinets From StoreMoreStore?
We believe in protecting sterile workplaces with equally sterile storage. Do you have any questions about any of our other stainless steel solutions? Feel free to give us a call at (855) 786-7667 or send us an email.