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Stainless Supply Cabinets

Stainless steel cabinets are excellent for securely storing supplies in sterile work environments including hospitals, food handling facilities, labs, and cleanrooms. Choose from a variety of configurations including single or double doors, solid or glass doors, sloped or flat tops, and more. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing). Architectural Revit Models

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Wide Stainless Cabinets | Tall Stainless Cabinet With Solid Door Stainless Glass Door Slim Cabinets | Stainless sloped thin Cabinet Slim Stainless Glass Storage Cabinets | Thin Storage Door Rack Stainless Cabinets Sloped Tops | Storage Shelving With Doors
Stainless Glass Door Storage Cabinets | Storage Shelf With Doors Stainless Tall Commercial Cabinet | Tall Industrial Shelf With Doors Tall Stainless Glass Door Cabinets | Storage Cabinet With Doors Stainless Wide Cabinet Shelves | Stainless Shelf With Solid Doors
Wide Commercial Stainless Cabinet | Commercial Rack With Solid Doors Stainless Cabinet With Solid Door | Tall Industrial Cabinet With Solid Door Solid Stainless Wide Cabinets | Industrial Shelving With Solid Door Adjustable Stainless Cabinet | Tall Commercial Cabinet With Solid Door
Tall Glass Door Supply Racks | Tall Commercial Shelving With Door Stainless Glass Door Cabinets | Tall Industrial Cabinet With Doors Glass Door Stainless Supply Cabinets | Stainless Cabinet With Solid Door Solid Stainless Cabinets | Industrial Cabinet With Door
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