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Tabbies File Pocket Handles, 240 per box 9-5/8" x 2", #SMS-99-68801
Tabbies File Pocket Handles 68801 tear resistant file pocket name labels for expanding redrope folders pull labels available in six colors for quick identification
Tabbies file pocket handles 68801 color tear resistant name labels for redrope filing pockets to serve as a pull handle to protect expanding folder gussets from tearing and ripping and a color coded label for quick recognition.
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Tabbies File Pocket Handles 68801 provide an easy way to pull out file pockets from a shelf without ripping the gussets. Labels have a large writing area making labeling easy, 6 colors makes color coding simple!

Product features include:

  • Tear resistant Tyvek® makes the handle strong and durable.
  • Extends the life of any file pocket by preserving the gusset.
  • Large area for labeling file for quick retrieval and easy identification.
  • Reduce retrieval time by 60%.
  • Color code by client, attorney, county or area of law.

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List Price: $141.54
Our Price: $102.94 (Ships UPS)
You save $38.60!
Dimensions: 9-5/8" wide x 2" high
Type: Choice of six colors
Other: Tear resistant file pocket name labels
Weight: 2.1 Lbs.

Availability: Ships in 4-5 business days
Ship time subject to change without notice
Product Code: SMS-99-68801

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Tabbies® File Pocket Handles, 240 per box 9-5/8" x 2", #SMS-99-68801

So you've invested a lot into your redrope file pockets and you don't want the expanding gussets to tear when you pull a file pocket from the shelf. Tabbies® File Pocket handles adhere to your redrope file pockets and act as a pull handle so you don't have to grab the expanding file gussets causing them to tear. Tabbies® File Pocket handles are made of tear resistant Tyvek® material (same material used in high quality shipping envelopes). The redrope file pocket handles come in different colors that can be used to classify different groups of files for easy identification.

Features and Benefits of Tabbies File Pocket Handles:
  • Available in 6 colors for quick identification and classification of file pocket types
  • Made of tough Tyvek®resistant material to protect your expanding file pocket gussets from being torn from normal wear and tear
  • Large area to write file name on for quick identification
  • Labels come with tick marks for easy installation on 1-3/4", 3-1/2", and 5-1/4" expansion file pockets
  • Handle dimensions: 9-5/8" x 2"
  • Optional Mylar® label protectors to protect the file pocket name label from dirt.

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