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Tables and Workbenches

We have a wide variety of tables and workbenches for use in industrial facilities, offices, locker rooms, law enforcement, and more with multiple options to choose from to customize your solution to your needs.

  • Adjustable Desks

    Adjustable Desks

    Adjustable desks with push-button height adjustment are designed for streamlined workflow, productivity, and user comfort. Digital controllers allow users to easily adjust desks to sitting or standing positions depending on their needs with a lightweight and durable design that is great for offices.

  • Armorers Bench

    Armorers Bench

    Gunsmith and armory workbenches are designed for weapon repair and firearm maintenance in law enforcement and military applications. Its pegboard panels are available in multiple sizes and with numerous options such as weapon racks, shelves, and ammo bins for a customized solution.
  • Drafting Tables

    Drafting Tables & Workstations

    We have a variety of drafting tables with and without built-in lightboxes for artists, architects, designers, engineers, contractors, and more. The tilting drafting tables improve ergonomics and prevent injury by allowing users to adjust the work area to their needs.

  • Industrial Workbenches

    Industrial Workbenches

    Durable industrial work benches are available with steel, maple, laminate, or acrylic work surfaces and with optional wheels for technical work, assembly, labs, maintenance, manufacturing, and more.
  • Industrial Worktables

    Industrial Worktables

    Industrial worktables with a durable static or mobile storage design have the flexibility to save space or promote ergonomics. Configurations come with or without convenient drawer and lower shelf space large enough to store, protect, and organize everyday tools and equipment that users need frequent access to while working.

  • Prisoner Restraint Benches

    Prisoner Restraint Benches

    Prisoner restraint benches are durable, easy to clean, and come with a built-in handcuff bar and shackle loops.
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  • Technical Worktables

    Technical Worktables

    Technical tables and assembly workbenches promote better ergonomics to reduce worker fatigue and strain. Optional ESD (electrostatic discharge) work surfaces make them safe for electronics repair and assembly.