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Tactical Gear Shelving

This specialized shelving properly stores and organizes riot shields, vests, helmets, and other equipment for law enforcement facilities in a small floor space.

  • Police Gear Lockers

    Police Gear Lockers

    Police and tactical gear storage lockers are designed for law enforcement and military professionals to store and organize their equipment securely while remaining easy to access. The durable steel and powder-coated lockers come with multiple storage features that allow users to store their uniforms, helmets, gear, boots, and more in one locker.

  • Riot Gear Shelving

    Riot Gear Shelving

    Riot gear shelving comes with steel rods to use as adjustable partition dividers between stored shields and vests. This keeps gear stored upright, protects them from damage, and makes it easy for officers to find and retrieve gear when needed.

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  • Swat Gear Lockers

    Swat Gear Lockers

    SWAT gear lockers store all types of special operation and tactical equipment. The heavy-duty construction ensures security and are available with keyed or keyless locking doors. Adjustable shelves and garment rods allow you to customize each locker to your exact needs.

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