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Tactical Gear Shelving

This specialized shelving properly stores and organizes riot shields, vests, helmets, and other equipment for law enforcement facilities in a small floor space.

  • Police Gear Lockers

    Police Gear Lockers

    Police and tactical gear storage lockers are designed forlaw enforcement and military professionals to store and organize theirequipment securely while remaining easy to access. The durable steel andpowder-coated lockers come with multiple storage features that allow users tostore their uniforms, helmets, gear, boots, and more in one locker.

  • Riot Gear Shelving

    Riot Gear Shelving

    Riot gear shelving comes with steel rods to use as adjustable partition dividers between stored shields and vests. This keeps gear stored upright, protects them from damage, and makes it easy for officers to find and retrieve gear when needed.
  • Swat Gear Lockers

    Swat Gear Lockers

    SWAT gear lockers store all types of special operation andtactical equipment. The heavy-duty construction ensures security and areavailable with keyed or keyless locking doors. Adjustable shelves and garmentrods allow you to customize each locker to your exact needs.

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Keep Gear Organized With Tactical Gear Storage
When responding to an emergency, law enforcement agents need to get fully geared up at just a moment's notice. Tactical gear storage keeps gear of all shapes and sizes G from boots to helmets and everything in between G stored so that not a second is wasted. Police, military, firefighters, Army, Navy, government buildings, and correctional facilities can benefit from police gear storage.
What Are the Benefits of a Gear Locker?
StoreMoreStore's selection of tactical gear storage is ideal for law enforcement gear. Each of our units is made with heavy-duty materials and thoughtful features that help keep gear organized, accessible, and secure.
Organize Your Gear
Each law enforcement agent requires many pieces for a day on the job. Each piece of equipment needs to be properly stored so it's ready to go when needed. Our tactical gear lockers are available in an array of configurations, sizes, shelving options, and more. No matter what type of gear you need to store, it is best organized in a gear locker. Plus, our gear lockers and other tactical storage solutions are designed with a compact footprint, so you can store more in a smaller floor space.
Keep Gear Accessible
In a crisis, law enforcement agents can't afford to waste precious moments searching for gear. Storage for police gear keeps all of the essentials accessible. Our police gear lockers are ideal for storing safety gear, boots, helmets, uniforms, and personal items in one convenient location.
Protect and Secure Gear
Tactical gear is expensive. Avoid excessive replacement costs by keeping gear in a secure, durable storage unit specially designed to meet the needs of tactical gear. Our riot gear shelving is custom-built for riot shield storage, with individual slots to keep each piece upright and protected from damage. Other units, like our SWAT gear lockers, can be configured with keyed or keyless locking doors for an extra level of security.
Why Buy Tactical Gear Storage From StoreMoreStore?
We believe that organization is the key to an efficient, orderly law enforcement office. If you would like to learn more about our police tactical gear storage or any other law enforcement storage solutions, give us a call at (855) 786-7667 or send us an email.