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We have a variety of technology products such as controlled access turnstiles, facial recognition terminals, and temperature scanners to promote efficiency and safety in your building.

  • Turnstiles

    Turnstiles and Speed Gates

    Turnstile gates are a great way to automatically control access in office lobbies, schools, government buildings, private areas, stadiums, and more. The turnstiles can be outfitted with magnetic card, fingerprint, facial recognition, or another module as the control system.

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Do you need to limit access to your facility? Turnstiles and access control systems can help your business keep its employees safe and its inventory and information secure. These are excellent solutions for hospitals, schools, government buildings, lobbies, and any other location that might need to set entry restrictions.
The Benefits of Physical Access Control Systems
By establishing boundaries and controlling entry, access control systems ensure that only authorized personnel can enter a specific area, building, room, floor, or elevator.
New requirements for hygiene and social distancing mean contactless solutions are more critical than ever. You can create a user-friendly process that doesn't need to be monitored by staff, which will free up your employees to focus on other tasks. In addition, our wide range of interfaces and specifications allow you to tailor your new system to your specific requirements.
What Type of Access Control System Do You Need?
Our selection of access control systems allows you to pick the option that best meets your needs. Products like turnstile gates and facial recognition systems can help ensure you have a safe, secure workspace.
Turnstile access control systems limit access to lobbies, storage areas, and more. Automatic turnstile gates can be customized with a range of security interfaces, including RFID, magnetic swipe access cards, facial or fingerprint recognition, barcode scanners, keypad entry, and more.
Facial and Biometric Recognition Systems
Installing a contactless physical access control system with a biometric scanner can help your business adhere to health and safety guidelines. For example, a biometric recognition system with a temperature scanner monitors the temperature of visitors. A facial recognition biometric terminal also enables you to check visitors for face coverings.
Facial recognition door entry leverages the power of Fusion Matching to recognize faces. Use it to monitor entry based on multiple credentials, with tamper-resistant housing and anti-spoofing capabilities through Life Face Detection.
Why Buy Access Control Systems From StoreMoreStore?
StoreMoreStore is a leading provider of storage solutions across numerous industries. Since 2012, StoreMoreStore's high-quality technology products have helped businesses create access control systems that enhance security and safety.
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