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Wire Mesh Lockers

Wire mesh lockers provide sturdy, secure storage with a sleek design that apartment tenants can use to store personal belongings. Single, double, and triple-tier configurations are available to meet your application needs.

  • 1-Door Wire Mesh Locker

    1-Door Wire Mesh Locker

    Single-door wire mesh lockers provide reliable security and airflow while allowing contents to remain visible for clean, quick property inspection.

  • 2-Door Wire Mesh Locker

    2-Door Wire Mesh Locker

    2-doorwire mesh lockers have individual locking storage compartments that keep contents such as tools, daily work orders, and more secure, ventilated, and visible to simplify employees' access. With improved visibility to stored items, industrial personnel can conduct more accurate inventory verification.

  • 3-Door Wire Mesh Locker

    3-Door Wire Mesh Locker

    3-door wire mesh lockers provide durable storage with secure and ventilated space to store industrial gear and equipment that apartment tenants and more need to remain easily accessible. Models have reversible storage doors that include padlock lugs and hinge on the left or right to ensure ergonomics.

  • Oversized Mesh Lockers

    Oversized Mesh Lockers

    Oversized mesh lockers provide secure storage with efficient space to keep tools, supplies, and equipment organized without clutter. Configurations include pegboard or louvered panels that allow hook and bin integration, so you can customize the cabinets to fit your industrial material needs.

  • Rolling Mesh Lockers

    Rolling Mesh Lockers

    Rolling mesh lockers combine heavy steel construction with small diamond-shaped openings to provide maximum security, high visibility, and airflow. Contents remain safe, visible, and clean during space-saving transit while behind padlockable doors that swing open to give you ergonomic storage access.

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