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Wire Mesh Security Partitions

Wire mesh security partitions with safety gates provide secure enclosures durable enough to store and protect everything from tools and machinery to police evidence, computer servers, and more. The welded wire panels have a sturdy but simple design that requires fewer parts than standard alternatives. It allows users to assemble components with increased speed and have an easier time during installation and relocation. Architectural Revit Models

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  • 1 Wall

    1 Wall Security Fencing

    One wall security fencing features sturdy welded wire panel construction that can withstand interior use. Made with fewer parts than standard alternatives, users can assemble, install, and relocate components to create secure enclosures wherever needed in moments. Use the secure storage area to store and protect valued resources such as tools, computer servers, machinery, and more. Architectural Revit Models

  • 2 Wall

    2 Wall Security Fencing

    Two wall security fencing is made from sturdy welded wire mesh paneling and can fit many locking door styles. Partitions have a sturdy simple design that users can configure into secure equipment enclosures and more in no time. Made from welded construction that requires fewer parts, you can assemble, install, and relocate components easily to create safe, tamperproof storage cages within existing space. Architectural Revit Models

  • 3 Wall

    3 Wall Security Fencing

    Three wall security fencing provides a secure indoor storage solution with a durable, but simple design that users can assemble, install, and relocate easily. Made from wire partition paneling, units fit many door styles such as ones that hinge on the left or right to allow ergonomic inside or outside swinging. Users can even add optional adjustable filler panels designed to close gaps and create tamperproof storage flexible enough to maximize vertical space. Architectural Revit Models

  • 4 Wall

    4 Wall Security Fencing

    Four wall security fencing has a simple design for easy installation and relocation. Assemble components in moments and create sturdy and secure enclosures for police holding cells, truck driver access cages, and more. Architectural Revit Models

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This 50-second short video shows how the various features of wire partitions provide more secure and flexible storage in tool cribs, evidence rooms, server rooms, and more.