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Wire Pass-Thru Lockers

Wire pass-thru lockers have a durable design with individual locking compartments that give employees visible and secure access to work tools and gear. Single, double, and triple-tier configurations available to meet your heavy-duty industrial application needs. Architectural Revit Models

  • 1-Tier Pass-Thru Locker

    1-Tier Pass-Thru Locker

    Industrial-grade wire mesh single-tier pass thru-lockers keep equipment visible and secure to ensure accurate inventory verification. With individual locking compartments, employees have secure and fast access to daily work order supplies. Architectural Revit Models

  • 2-Tier Pass Thru-Locker

    2-Tier Pass Thru-Locker

    2-tier pass-thru lockers have a durable industrial-grade wire mesh design that allows stored items to remain safe and visible, helping ease employee access and permit more accurate inventory verification. Ideal to use in heavy-duty commercial environments, models have reversible storage doors with security padlock lugs and can hinge on the left or right to ensure personnel feel comfortable and safe during use. Architectural Revit Models

  • 3-Tier Pass Thru-Locker

    3-Tier Pass Thru-Locker

    3-tier pass-thru lockers include wire mesh storage cubbies that provide visibility and allow independent locking so stored equipment remains protected and easily accessible to employees whenever needed. With full visibility of the stored materials, the industrial ventilated gear cabinets also permit personnel to complete more accurate stock verification. Architectural Revit Models

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