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Wire Pull-Out Shelving

Wire pull-out shelving units have a compact design to save space and are available in multiple finishes including antimicrobial, black and silver epoxy, chrome, stainless steel, and zinc. Quick Product Finder

  • Antimicrobial Finish

    Antimicrobial Finish

    Compact pull-out racks have an NSF certified antimicrobial finish that prevents the growth of bacteria and microbes, making them ideal for healthcare, food service, and sanitary storage applications.

  • Black EP Finish

    Black EP Finish

    Compact wire pull-out shelves have a NSF listed black epoxy finish to prevent rust for wet and dry applications.

  • Chrome Finish

    Chrome Finish

    Wire compact pull-out racks have a NSF listed high gloss chrome finish ideal for use in dry storage and display applications.

  • Silver EP Finish

    Silver EP Finish

    Wire pull-out racks include a silver epoxy finish with a rust inhibiting undercoat that is NSF certified for use in wet and dry applications, cooler storage, and freezer storage.

  • Stainless Steel Finish

    Stainless Steel Finish

    Compact wire pull-out racks with stainless steel finish resist rust and corrosion and is NSF listed for a wide variety of applications in food service, dry and wet storage, coolers, and freezers.

  • Zinc Finish

    Zinc Finish

    Compact sliding wire racks include a durable zinc finish that resists corrosion and is NSF listed for storage in dry, wet, cooler, freezer, or food service environments.

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