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Online store selling lateral sliding 5-drawer filing cabinets on tracks, wall mounted pistol handgun firearm compartments, spinning and rotating rotary file cabinets, museum specimen cabinets, rolling tambour door storage cabinets to maximize space saving.

Cabinets for Business, Museums, Healthcare, and More | SMS
If you're looking to create a smart storage system, cabinets are an excellent place to start. You can install a cabinet nearly anywhere to add additional storage, reduce clutter, and increase efficiency.
The Benefits of Storage Cabinets
Storage cabinets are useful for a variety of applications. StoreMoreStore provides cabinetry in various sizes and with several add-ons and options, allowing you to easily customize a storage solution for your office, workplace, or home. You can optimize durability with rust-resistant coatings or add mobility with casters and sliding options. Antimicrobial finishes are helpful for healthcare, while locks can keep valuable items secure and confidential information protected.
Which Type of Cabinet Is Right For You?
StoreMoreStore offers cabinets to help organize offices, schools, automotive businesses, healthcare facilities, and more.
Heavy-Duty Storage
Heavy-duty industrial storage cabinets provide secure and durable storage for many industries but are particularly useful for warehouses and repair shops. If you need to store many items that vary in size, try modular drawer cabinets. Just one of these industrial cabinets allows you to house large, medium, and small items; it's an ideal solution for automotive shops or hospitals, which may deal with many types of parts and tools on a daily basis.
Our bin cabinets are filled with small bins and containers, making it easy to allocate a specified storage compartment for each item in your inventory. Bins utilize every inch of the cabinet to make the most out of your storage space.
Flexible Storage
To maximize your storage area, explore flexible storage options like rotating rotary cabinets. As office storage cabinets, they double your space for files, which is a great solution for smaller offices or rooms that have limited storage space.
School offices, in particular, benefit from flexible storage. Those with hundreds of physical student records should look into using lateral file cabinets as school cabinets. Sliding lateral file cabinets move back and forth for convenience and to make better use of floor space, while stationary lateral file cabinets make use of vertical height for further organization.
Why Buy Storage Cabinets From StoreMoreStore?
StoreMoreStore is a leading provider of storage solutions; we've helped customers across numerous industries and vertices find high-quality cabinets and more since 2012. Our customer service experts can help you find solutions that save you time and space. Get in touch by calling us at (855) 786-7667 or send us an email.