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Office Seating

Our office seating solutions include ergonomic adjustable chairs, executive seating, leather chairs, technical chairs, wall-mounted fold out chairs, and much more to provide comfortable sitting spaces.
  • ErgoHuman Chairs

    ErgoHuman Chairs

    Provide an ergonomic and comfortable sitting solution for your business or home office to stay productive.
  • Executive Seating

    Executive Seating

    ErgoHuman executive seating offers ergonomics, comfort, and quality at an affordable price.
  • Leather Chairs

    Leather Chairs

    Leather chairs are comfortable and aesthetically pleasing seating solutions. Leather seats come with multiple adjustment options and are available in numerous silhouettes with a variety of features for use in businesses or home offices.
  • Side Chairs

    Side Chairs

    Side chairs and leather guest seating provides comfortable spaces for guests and visitors to sit in waiting rooms or offices. Multiple seating styles and finish options are available to match your existing décor.
  • Task Seating

    Task Seating

    Task seating office chairs are a comfortable and economical solution for business, home office, and conference seating.

  • Tech Chairs & Stools

    Tech Chairs & Stools

    Fabric-covered tech series swivel chairs and stools provide comfortable seating for technical activities. Stools and chairs adjust to a user’s customized height for improved comfort and productivity.
  • Wall Mountable Fold-out Chair

    Wall Mountable Fold-out Chairs

    These folding seats are a great space-saving seating solution. The seats automatically fold into a slim profile when not in use, making them ideal for space constrained areas such as exam rooms, waiting rooms, hallways, and auditoriums. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing).

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