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Metal File Dividers and Bookends for Shelving

We have all types of steel shelving file dividers to support and partition file folders stored on shelves. Supports are available for all types of file folders, including letter, legal, x-ray, or special metal filing partitions. Steel folder supports and metal filing partitions are available for Richards-Wilcox, Aurora, Datum, Spacesaver, Kardex, Mayline, FEI, Tennesco, Directline, Borroughs, and Southern Metals filing shelves. Call us toll free at 1-855-786-7667 or send us a message for more help.

Keep Files Organized With Metal Shelf Dividers

A disorganized filing system is an employee's nightmare. No one wants to be stuck searching for the file your boss needs, only to find it crumpled up in the back of the filing cabinet. Metal file cabinet dividers help prevent this headache by keeping files upright and easy to locate. StoreMoreStore offers file dividers in many sizes that fit a variety of filing shelf types, making it easier for your business to optimize its shelf space.

Why Should You Invest in Filing Cabinet Dividers?

Businesses have order forms, law offices have case files, and healthcare facilities have patient records; in short, almost every organization has files that need to be organized. Any office or industrial space has legal documents, client information, tax paperwork, and more. Filing cabinet dividers keep all of these files organized, visible, and secure.

Keep Files Organized with Steel Shelf Dividers

Metal shelf dividers allow you to divide large shelves into smaller sections so that all your files sit neatly on the shelf. Solutions like our Spacesaver letter size file divider turn overwhelming, overcrowded shelves into manageable, organized storage areas. Files will stay upright so that end tab labels face outwards, and you can easily sort files the way you want.

Work More Efficiently With File Dividers

Time is valuable; don't waste it scouring cluttered shelves for a specific file. File dividers like our Tennsco legal size file divider or Times-2 file dividers keep shelves neat so that you spend less time looking for paperwork and more time working with clients or focusing on sales.

Protect Files With Heavy-Duty Bookends

Your files contain important; and often irreplaceable; information. Losing a key case file or misplacing patient records can be costly errors. File dividers like our Datum letter and legal file dividers prevent files from falling over and slipping between the shelves. These sturdy steel dividers keep materials upright and damage-free.

Why Buy Filing Cabinet Dividers From StoreMoreStore?

We believe an organized filing system is the key to a successful office. Since 2012, our team of experts has matched customers with storage solutions, like our industrial shelving dividers, that save space and enable optimal efficiency. To discover more, give us a call at (855) 786-7667 or send us an email.