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File & Binder Shelving

We have a variety of file and binder shelving including legal and letter size shelves, sliding mobile shelves, and slant file shelving to efficiently store your records in less space. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing). Quick Product Finder

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Keep Your Office Organized with File Storage
Many different businesses generate a large number of physical files, whether they're patient files, invoices, or some other type of record. In order for your employees to do their best work, they must be able to access the right files quickly and efficiently. The right file storage and binder storage options, such as stack shelving or binder shelving, can help your office operate more productively and allow you to optimize your valuable working space.
Understanding the Value of File Storage
Physical documents can pile up quickly, especially for businesses that need to retain paper copies of their files. Companies that don't make an effort to store and organize these documents can easily lose them.
The solution is file storage. At StoreMoreStore, we offer a variety of shelving, including letter shelving, binder storage, and more. Many of our storage options include adjustable shelving as well as adjustable steel shelving, which makes it easy for you to adapt the shelving units to your needs.
Offices with a large number of files may want to consider rotary cabinets or sliding mobile shelves, which can allow you to store more files in less space. All of our storage options, including our file folder storage, are easy to assemble and come in numerous colors to complement your existing decor.
The Benefits of File Storage
The right type of file shelving solution offers multiple benefits to your business.
File storage allows you to keep your records together and well-organized, which will make it easy for your employees to find the files they need. Sliding units can even let you put less-used files in the back and your most active files in the front.
Space Optimization
While a single paper file may not take up much space, thousands of documents produced over the years can quickly add up. The right type of binder shelving or letter shelving will reduce the space your files require. You may even be able to avoid the extra expense of off-site storage!
Better Productivity
When your employees can quickly access the files they need and just as quickly file away new documents, they'll get more done in the workday. The right type of shelving, whether it be letter stack shelving, slant file shelving, or legal shelving, will make your files more visible and easy to use.
What Types of Business Can Benefit from File Storage?
Any business that needs a better way to manage physical documents and assets will find file storage to be a great help. That includes:
  • Legal offices
  • Medical offices
  • Accounting firms
  • Libraries
  • Businesses of any size
Improve Your File Storage Today
At StoreMoreStore, we believe that an organized office is a happier, more productive office. That's why we offer an extensive array of storage products, including binder storage and letter shelving. Whether you want stackable end tab file shelving or a letter storage shelving starter unit, we can help your office become more organized and more functional. Contact us at (855) 786-7667 or email us today to place an order.