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Shelving and Racks

  • Art Storage Racks

    Art Storage Racks

    We have several types of framed art storage shelving, racks, and panels designed to organize, save space, and display your artwork.

  • Athletic Racks

    Athletic Equipment Storage Racks designed for gyms, schools, athletic clubs, yoga studios.

  • Basket Drawer Racks

    Basket Drawer Racks

    Basket drawer racks provide more storage capacity than traditional wire shelving by combining a superior divider and labeling system that keeps supplies organized and easy to access.

    Architectural Revit Models

    Sliding Mobile ShelvesWatch Video
  • Bike Racks

    Bike Racks

    Wall mounted bike brackets allow bicycles to be stored and hung vertically on walls to save space and protect them from damage during storage. Perfect for apartments and condos, schools, dorms, commercial garages, and more.

  • Boltless Shelving Units

    Boltless Shelving and Racks

    Prices shown are for units with 5 shelves. You will be able to select either a 5, 6, 7, or 8 shelf unit on each of the product pages. Decking is not included, but available as an option.

  • Box Shelving

    Box Shelving Products
  • Cantilever Shelving and Racks

    Cantilever Shelving and Racks

    Cantilever shelving and racks are a great multipurpose solution for a wide variety of storage applications in coolers and freezers, food handling, electronics, supplies, and more. The corrosion and rust-resistant racks are available with wire shelves or can be inclined to safely store long materials horizontally.

  • Deed Docket Shelving

    Deed Docket Shelving

    Courthouse roller shelves store heavy deed and docket books on shelves with slide-out rollers that maximize your space and that allows oversized books, dockets, plat binders, and more easy to access while protecting them from wear and tear. Multiple sizes of roller shelves are available depending on your courthouse or county clerk storage needs. Send us a message for more information.

  • Dunnage Racks

    Dunnage Rack

    Dunnage platform racks and carts provide sturdy storage for heavy pails, buckets, gallons, tanks, and bulk items for restaurants, warehouses, stockrooms, and more. HDPE dunnage racks are also available for chemical and freezer storage.
  • Fabric Sample Shelving

    Fabric Sample Shelving

    Fabric sample shelving racks organize samples, swatches, and textiles in less space while keeping them visible and easily accessible.

  • Garment Storage

    Garment Storage

    Our garment storage solutions make it easy to store hanging or folded clothing while providing easy access and space savings.

  • Gondola Shelving

    Gondola Shelving

    Gondola shelving units save space and provide easy access to displayed items, making them ideal for retailers, supermarkets, merchandisers, and more.

  • High Density Shelving

    High Density Shelving

    High density shelving systems eliminate extra aisle space to increase your storage density in a smaller footprint than conventional static shelves. The shelves are mounted from an overhead trolley and slide open and closed for easy access to stored items. Its suspended design also has space underneath for easy sweeping and cleaning.

  • Library Shelving & Bookcases

    Library Shelving & Bookcases

    We have a variety of library shelves for storing and displaying books, magazines, newspapers, journals, and more for public, private, and university libraries.
  • Media Shelving

    Media Shelving

    Multimedia sliding shelving systems are designed for storing CDs, DVDs, Blu Ray disks, and other multimedia. The expandable shelving is available in multiple sizes and configurations and can be adjusted or added to. They are perfect for storing and organizing library CDs, training videos, law firm video depositions, corporate data, police videos, and more. Shelves can be mounted on tracks to create a space-saving sliding shelving system for multimedia storage. Call us toll free at 1-855-786-7667 or send us a message for more help.

  • Medical Antimicrobial Shelving

    Medical Antimicrobial Shelving

    Medical antimicrobial shelving units have a durable design that can protect against harmful bacteria, mold and mildew for up to 20 years. The versatile, long-lasting shelves are ideal to use in medical facilities seeking a solution that can improve cleanliness and prevent the spread of infection.

  • Pegboard Sliders

    Pegboard Sliders

    Pegboard sliders and display panels allow you to efficiently store tools, gaskets, belts, hoses, parts, and other items in a hanging position. The sliders allow you to save space in your tool storage area while providing improved visibility and access to tools.

  • Plan Drawing Shelving

    Map, Plan, Drawing, and Prints Storage
  • Property Bags & Racks

    Large selection Property and Evidence Storage Solutions
  • Rotary Bin Rack

    Rotary Bin Rack

    Rotary bin racks store and organize hardware, nails, loose parts, and other items for industrial, merchandising, or electronic applications. With a Lazy Susan design, the bins rotate into position to bring parts to the user and save space during storage.

  • Security Shutters

    Rolling Security Doors for Shelving
  • Shelving Dividers

    Metal File Dividers and Bookends for Shelving
  • Shelving with Drawers

    Shelving with Drawers

    These shelving units are constructed with pull-out doors for storing files and smaller items as well as bulk shelving space for larger materials in the same unit.
  • Sliding Mobile Shelves

    Sliding Mobile Shelving Products
  • Sterile Core Storage Racks

    Sterile Core Storage Racks

    Surgical instrument and sterile core storage racks are a cost-effective way to prevent tears in sterile blue wrap kits and reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections.
  • Tactical Gear Shelving

    Tactical Gear Shelving

    This specialized shelving properly stores and organizes riot shields, vests, helmets, and other equipment for law enforcement facilities in a small floor space.

  • Wall Mounted Shelving

    Wall Mounted Shelving

    Adjustable wall mounted shelves are available in single units or multi-wide kits with individually adjustable brackets that are ideal for storing books, files, and other office supplies.

  • Wheelchair & Walker Racks

    Wheelchair & Walker Racks

    Store and organize medical equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, hampers, and other peripherals safely in adjustable open bottom medical storage shelving for hospital backrooms, clinic storage rooms, equipment closets, and more.

Shelving and Cabinets for Files, Boxes, Firearms, Deeds, Artifacts, Plans and Fire hoses

We have shelving and cabinets to store everything! Whether you need open shelf file shelving, box shelving, firearm cabinets for handguns and pistols, deed and docket roller shelving, sliding mobile shelves, museum cabinets, plan drawing shelving or fire hose shelving, we are storage and filing experts and can help you organize your stuff to save floorspace and time.

Call us toll free at 1-855-786-7667 or send us a message for more help.