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Flat file products for 24" x 36" Size Sheets

Drawer flat-file cabinets allow individual use or stacking to save space and can keep hundreds to 1000 active, semi-active, and inactive files organized and safe with optional dividers and key locks. Models can have closed or open storage bases that raise them from 6Gǥ to 20Gǥ off the floor to ensure ergonomics.

Architectural Revit Models

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5 drawer flat file cabinet,7869C,Safco,7867C,7867D,7977D Five Drawer Flat File Cabinet (3' 4-3/8"W x 2' 5-3/8"D x 1' 4-1/2"H), #SMS-07-4994
List Price: $2,213.65
Our Price: $1,729.41
You save $484.24!
five drawer flat file cabinet,7867C,Mayline,Safco,7867C,7867D,7977D 20" High Base for 4994 Flat File (3' 4-3/8"W x 2' 5-3/8"D x 1' 8"H), #SMS-07-4975
List Price: $849.32
Our Price: $663.53
You save $185.79!
Plastic Drawer Dividers, Self Stick, Safco,7868D,7978C,7978D,7977C,7965,7966,7978C,7978D,7977C,7867C,7867D,7977D Drawer Dividers for Flat Files (11"W x 1"D x 1-1/2"H), #SMS-07-4980
List Price: $145.32
Our Price: $113.53
You save $31.79!