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Drafting Furniture

Flat file storage cabinets, hanging folders, rolled storage shelving, drafting tables, and more are available to organize and properly store your drawings and documents.

  • Drafting Tables

    Drafting Tables & Drafting Desks

    Drafting tables and desks are available with or without built-in lightboxes and a variety of accessories such as flat file shelves and cabinets for engineers, architects, artists, graphic designers, contractors, and more.
  • Flat Plan File Cabinets

    Flat Plan File Cabinets

    Metal flat file drawer cabinets and shelving are ideal for storing plan drawings, art graphics, maps, large drafting documents, oversize documents, blueprints, vellum sheets, and more. Prevent these valuable items from being damaged by folding or rolling by allowing them to remain flat and orderly. Architectural Revit Models

  • Hanging Plan Storage

    Hanging Plan Storage

    This adjustable steel shelving is designed for storing works on paper for museums, archival facilities, and other businesses. They are often used as storage for Hollinger boxes, Solander cases, maps, boards, posters, drawings, and other flat works. The shelves are completely non-gassing to ensure protection of valuable collections.

  • Large Format Scanning Solutions

    Large Format Scanning Solutions

    Digitize your documents with our document scanning services. We offer industry-specific scanning services, providing scanning services to the healthcare, architectural, education, and public safety industries. Our scanning services are available on numerous contracts as well, including but not limited to Vizient, Systec GSA, Systec TXMAS, Kansas State, University of Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma University, and much more! Whether you need legal or letter-sized records scanned or large plan drawings up to 36Gǥ by 72Gǥ, we can help. Our scanning services are CJIS and HIPAA compliant.
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  • Vertical Large Document Cabinets

    Vertical Large Document Cabinets

    Vertical large document cabinets store and protect multiple sizes of large format documents such as vellum drawings, maps, artwork, and more by hanging them vertically from pins and posts.