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Wall Mountable Fold-out Chairs

These folding seats are a great space-saving seating solution. The seats automatically fold into a slim profile when not in use, making them ideal for space-constrained areas such as exam rooms, waiting rooms, hallways, and auditoriums. Available on Vizient GPO Contract #CE2900 (Vizient customers call for contract pricing).
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Seat More and Save Space With a Wall-Mounted Chair

Whether you need to boost seating capacity for your growing business or save space without sacrificing seating, a wall-mounted chair is a smart choice. When in use, these chairs provide efficient seating and help keep visitors more comfortable. When they're no longer needed, they can easily be folded up to preserve space and keep hallways clear.

Why Are Wall-Mounted Chairs a Great Option?

StoreMoreStore has a wide selection of fold-down seating made with durable materials. From hospital exam rooms to university lecture halls, a wall seat is a great investment because it delivers flexible and functional seating.

Save Space With a Wall-Mounted Chair

In narrow hospital hallways, space is an important consideration. Aisles need to be as open as possible for wheelchairs, rolling patient beds, and foot traffic. To save space, opt for folding wall-mounted chairs that can be tucked away when not in use. Our space-saving, wall-hung folding chairs feature a highly compact profile, folding to less than four inches from the wall in the closed position. In addition, the innovative fold-down flex spring seat automatically folds back up when the user stands, so no one has to reposition the seat manually.

Increase Seating Capacity With a Wall Chair

If your facility is seeing a higher volume of people, seating may be in high demand. Another benefit of wall chairs is that they enable you to create flexible seating just about anywhere to increase seating capacity. Instead of having to create an entire waiting room or designated seating area, you can make better use of existing space and add a wall chair.
Our folding temporary hospital seats can be placed wherever you need to seat more people. Plus, the moveable base makes it a breeze to relocate the chair to another location.

Keep Your Space Clean With a Wall-Mounted Seat

When cleanliness is a priority, a wall-mounted fold-down seat is an ideal choice. Our hospital Murphy chairs with bleach cleanable fabric are made with an anti-microbial, anti-bacterial finish. You can clean the seat fabric with bleach, making it a smart investment for healthcare, schools, or any place where stains and spills are a concern. As an added bonus, many of our wall seats mount a few inches above the floor to facilitate easy cleaning; no need to move or pick up furniture when it's time to sweep or vacuum.

Why Buy a Wall-Mounted Folding Chair From StoreMoreStore?

We believe that you should be able to add seating wherever you need it. To discover more office seating and office furniture solutions, feel free to give us a call at (855) 786-7667 or send us an email.