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Heavy-Weight Industrial Shelves (4' 10"W x 4' 5"D x 5'H), #SMS-139-5XDC-4848-75-1
Some photos show optional features. See description for the exact number of shelves.
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Heavy-Weight Industrial Shelves

Heavy-weight industrial shelves are one of the best ways to organize and store dies, castings, engines, generators, and other heavy materials. These racks have heavy-duty shelves that extend out using a hand crank on the side of the rack. When fully extended, the shelves roll out 75% from the framework, making them accessible by forklift, an overhead crane, or a hoist. Reducing manual handling will reduce employee safety hazards and risks of material damage. In addition, the racks save time and enhance worker productivity. The shelves come in several standard sizes with many options. Custom sizes are available on request.

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List Price: $11,063.27
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Dimensions: 4' 10"W x 4' 5"D x 5'H
Opening: Three 36" x 48" Crank-Out Shelves
Type: Industrial Heavy-Duty Crank-Out Shelving
Freight: Not Included

Availability: Ships in 50 to 60 business days
Ship time subject to change without notice
Product Code: SMS-139-5XDC-4848-75-1
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Heavy-Weight Industrial Shelves

Shelf Dimensions: 4'W x 4'D, SMS-139-5XDC-4848-75-1

Heavy-Weight Industrial Shelves Features

  • Construction: Heavy-duty steel construction with a welded framework and bolt-in shelves.
  • Shelves: The shelves roll out as the crank handle is turned on the side of the unit. Shelves extend out 75% from the rack's framework.
  • Load Capacity: Up to 5,000 lbs. per shelf
  • Assembly: Some assembly is required
  • Finish: Powder-coated finish.
  • Options & Accessories:
    • The auto-lock feature prevents more than one shelf from opening at a time.
    • Custom shelf surfaces are available, including plastic covers and custom shelf textures.
    • Racks can be enclosed with optional sides, backs, and security doors.
    • Shelf lips are available to prevent round or tubular stock from rolling off the shelf.
    • Bi-directional shelves are available to allow access from the front or the rear of the rack.
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Width x Depth Height with 1
Crank-out Shelf
with 2
Crank-out Shelves
with 3
Crank-out Shelves
with 4
Crank-out Shelves
with 5
Crank-out Shelves
36"W x 36"D 60 SMS-139-5XDC-3636-75-1 SMS-139-5XDC-3636-75-2 N/A N/A N/A
72 SMS-139-6XDC-3636-75-1 SMS-139-6XDC-3636-75-2 SMS-139-6XDC-3636-75-3 N/A N/A
84 SMS-139-7XDC-3636-75-1 SMS-139-7XDC-3636-75-2 SMS-139-7XDC-3636-75-3 SMS-139-7XDC-3636-75-4 N/A
96 SMS-139-8XDC-3636-75-1 SMS-139-8XDC-3636-75-2 SMS-139-8XDC-3636-75-3 SMS-139-8XDC-3636-75-4 N/A
108 SMS-139-9XDC-3636-75-1 SMS-139-9XDC-3636-75-2 SMS-139-9XDC-3636-75-3 SMS-139-9XDC-3636-75-4 SMS-139-9XDC-3636-75-5
120 SMS-139-10XDC-3636-75-1 SMS-139-10XDC-3636-75-2 SMS-139-10XDC-3636-75-3 SMS-139-10XDC-3636-75-4 SMS-139-10XDC-3636-75-5
132 SMS-139-11XDC-3636-75-1 SMS-139-11XDC-3636-75-2 SMS-139-11XDC-3636-75-3 SMS-139-11XDC-3636-75-4 SMS-139-11XDC-3636-75-5
144 SMS-139-12XDC-3636-75-1 SMS-139-12XDC-3636-75-2 SMS-139-12XDC-3636-75-3 SMS-139-12XDC-3636-75-4 SMS-139-12XDC-3636-75-5
36"W x 48"D 60 SMS-139-5XDC-3648-75-1 SMS-139-5XDC-3648-75-2 N/A N/A N/A
72 SMS-139-6XDC-3648-75-1 SMS-139-6XDC-3648-75-2 SMS-139-6XDC-3648-75-3 N/A N/A
84 SMS-139-7XDC-3648-75-1 SMS-139-7XDC-3648-75-2 SMS-139-7XDC-3648-75-3 SMS-139-7XDC-3648-75-4 N/A
96 SMS-139-8XDC-3648-75-1 SMS-139-8XDC-3648-75-2 SMS-139-8XDC-3648-75-3 SMS-139-8XDC-3648-75-4 N/A
108 SMS-139-9XDC-3648-75-1 SMS-139-9XDC-3648-75-2 SMS-139-9XDC-3648-75-3 SMS-139-9XDC-3648-75-4 SMS-139-9XDC-3648-75-5
120 SMS-139-10XDC-3648-75-1 SMS-139-10XDC-3648-75-2 SMS-139-10XDC-3648-75-3 SMS-139-10XDC-3648-75-4 SMS-139-10XDC-3648-75-5
132 SMS-139-11XDC-3648-75-1 SMS-139-11XDC-3648-75-2 SMS-139-11XDC-3648-75-3 SMS-139-11XDC-3648-75-4 SMS-139-11XDC-3648-75-5
144 SMS-139-12XDC-3648-75-1 SMS-139-12XDC-3648-75-2 SMS-139-12XDC-3648-75-3 SMS-139-12XDC-3648-75-4 SMS-139-12XDC-3648-75-5
48"W x 48"D 60 SMS-139-5XDC-4848-75-1 SMS-139-5XDC-4848-75-2 N/A N/A N/A
72 SMS-139-6XDC-4848-75-1 SMS-139-6XDC-4848-75-2 SMS-139-6XDC-4848-75-3 N/A N/A
84 SMS-139-7XDC-4848-75-1 SMS-139-7XDC-4848-75-2 SMS-139-7XDC-4848-75-3 SMS-139-7XDC-4848-75-4 N/A
96 SMS-139-8XDC-4848-75-1 SMS-139-8XDC-4848-75-2 SMS-139-8XDC-4848-75-3 SMS-139-8XDC-4848-75-4 N/A
108 SMS-139-9XDC-4848-75-1 SMS-139-9XDC-4848-75-2 SMS-139-9XDC-4848-75-3 SMS-139-9XDC-4848-75-4 SMS-139-9XDC-4848-75-5
120 SMS-139-10XDC-4848-75-1 SMS-139-10XDC-4848-75-2 SMS-139-10XDC-4848-75-3 SMS-139-10XDC-4848-75-4 SMS-139-10XDC-4848-75-5
132 SMS-139-11XDC-4848-75-1 SMS-139-11XDC-4848-75-2 SMS-139-11XDC-4848-75-3 SMS-139-11XDC-4848-75-4 SMS-139-11XDC-4848-75-5
144 SMS-139-12XDC-4848-75-1 SMS-139-12XDC-4848-75-2 SMS-139-12XDC-4848-75-3 SMS-139-12XDC-4848-75-4 SMS-139-12XDC-4848-75-5