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Shelving and Racks

Explore Storage Shelves and Shelving Systems
Storage shelves are a highly versatile storage option that can benefit nearly any industry or application. Whether you need heavy-duty industrial shelving for heavy parts or you need to manage paper files and documents, storage shelving units are a safe, efficient solution. If you're ready to change the way you store your company's assets, StoreMoreStore's shelving systems can help you stay organized.
How Can Storage Shelves Help You?
A storage shelving unit is a practical storage choice that makes the most out of your storage area, improves employee efficiency, and protects your inventory. Storage shelves are excellent for long- and short-term storage in offices, medical facilities, warehouses, and even homes.
Maximize Your Storage Area
Shelving and storage let you store more while using less floor space. By utilizing tracks to create multiple shelving rows, sliding mobile shelves can double or even triple your storage space. With specialized options for pharmacy needs, X-ray shelving, bin storage, and more, these units are excellent for any office or warehouse that wants to optimize its floor plan.
Boost Efficiency
A storage shelving system also improves employee productivity. For example, the rotary bin rack's unique rotating design helps you locate the precise item you need quickly. If you deal with larger items, try wire shelving and carts, as their open concept makes it easy to find what you need. Many of these units can also be equipped with casters to form a portable storage option that moves with you.
Protect Documents and Fragile Inventory
You need to protect your most valuable inventory, and office storage shelves create a safe storage area for inventory, supplies, or documents. Healthcare facilities could benefit from medical antimicrobial shelving specially crafted to prevent bacteria, mold, and mildew build-up. Medical offices can also protect patient records by investing in file and binder shelving. These shelves are designed to precisely fit files, binders, and books, so you stay organized and reduce the risk of misplaced information.
Why Buy Storage Shelving Units From StoreMoreStore?
At StoreMoreStore, we know how valuable a strong organizational system can be because we've helped our customers save space, time, and money with the right storage products. To find the perfect heavy-duty storage shelves or commercial storage shelves for your business, reach out to our customer service experts today. You can call us at (855) 786-7667 or send us an email.